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Sup Holmes, last week (on iTunes) treated with the company Rich "Disasterpeace" Vreeland, best known for his work on

Fez, Krunch, Runner 2


and ... Oh, many other games. If I tried to list everything that was going to be a whirlwind of words that your eyes will probably get overwhelmed and fall in protest, and this will not change in the short term, for example. Rich is working on about 12 projects at the moment. This is crazy. This guy is crazy.

Fez, success, and serving the project with Disasterpeace screenshot

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Apple Investigating Alleged iPhone 5 Electrocution Death

Thursday, 23, stewardess My Ailun apparently died after being electrocuted by your iPhone 5. According to

Xinhua news agency, Ma was electrocuted when she answered his iPhone 5, which was plugged in and charging. The incident took place at home mom.

Since then, the warnings on the use of iPhones during loading appeared en masse in the microblogging service Weibo in China.

"We are deeply saddened by this tragic incident and our condolences to the family of Ma We will conduct a thorough investigation and to cooperate with the authorities in this matter," Apple said in an e- email (for through Reuters

My brother told the news site Apple Daily

the family believes he was electrocuted while answering the phone. Your iPhone has already been handed over to police in Xinjiang, South China Morning Post

Johnny Kin No one, professor at the University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong, said SCMP

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An anonymous reader writes "Now that E3 has slowed and important announcements of products are out of the way, it's time to step back and look at the culture represented by the giant game show. 'The presence of scantily clad women running games and gadgets seemed particularly contrary to a report released this week by the Entertainment Software Association, which organizes the annual fair of the video game industry. found that 45 percent of the total population of the game now include women, and women make up 46 percent of most frequent game buyers. Although there is less "booth babes" in the previous shows (even if some are trying to achieve balance by adding 'ber state "), the conference organizers are happy to let the exhibitors make their own policy . However, the Penny Arcade Expo banned "booth babes", a controversial position, but widely praised. a recent article on Kotaku notes on E3 this year, "for every confidence cosplayer who could do the job in a scam, I see dozens of companies trying to sell hundreds of women. They did not call my attention to the content of their games or their tactics or techniques. They attract the attention of high boots, low-cut shirts, and frankly, for the hard work of a very expensive bra work. much of what I see here at E3 is directly behind the lizard brain of a 13 year old child. But you must be 18 to enter the program, and is nominally for industry professionals. Maybe one day, men and women, nevertheless, can be treated as adults in the theory, and trust to judge a game by its content ... not the recovery of the double D ".

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Airships arrive in SimCity

most capricious manner Trans World practice (read: airships) is now available

SimCity Joystiq mayors willing to participate with approximately $ 9
. This means that the fans and the fans of similar Goodyear can now steampunk wedding even more deeply about their shared love lighter than air, provided they have been united by their common passion for building games cities . Look, we are still working on this fanfic.

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FIFA 14 to feature Messi and Chicharito on North American cover

coverage of North America
include both Lionel Messi Manchester United and Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, EA Sports announced. Fans in the United States have the opportunity to double cover athlete or full coverage, which has only Messi. Hernandez also have their own solo cover of the game in Mexico.
Cup coverage was announced as part of a multi-year sponsorship contract signed by Hernandez with EA Sports. The editor said that Hernandez seems specifically for Xbox 360 and PS3 game. EA Sports recently announced that the New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur has won the vote of coverage NHL 14


FIFA series has a different pattern depending on their cover athletes. Messi seems much more worried about this year compared to

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Edge of Space launching on Steam Early Acess

After being approved by both Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight program, play indie sandbox survival,

Edge of Space, is playable by the public through Early Access program steam. The game can now be bought for a price of $ 11.99 for fast access, just a little money on the eventual release price $ 14.99.

Anyone who buys the game for fast access as a set of "First Responder Armor", with some additional bonuses while leaving his spaceship has crashed and try to survive in a strange world. This version of the game is still in beta, and the developers promise that there may be other benefits beyond the early adopters meetings with "polar bears genetically evolved."

Read more

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Platform: iOS - Lift
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Don't Hold Your Breath For Pokemon Red or Blue On Virtual Console

Here's a mystery: why are not the original Pok?mon Red and Blue on the virtual console? People love games, surely would throw money on them if they could. But judging by the reaction of Game Freak whether or not you expect these games on the VC, people probably should not get their hopes not in the short term, are next. "We're always very cautious, we believe that Pokemon is best on a handheld" Game Freak said during a Q & A at E3 today 'Today.' If we were put on the virtual Console console, what would you do with the Pokemon you take? Would be a bit stuck, was one of the concerns we had. "

Although there is a pure and simple, who spent much of the beginning of the presentation by talking about the importance of connectivity between all parties is. The combination suggests that the main Pokemon games are the best handheld computers, as well as the inability to understand how to Red and
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The Swapper is a unique art style that uses clay models in the real world and found objects to create a space station in detail explorable single rendering, game sees the exchange of players between the various agencies to perform if not impossible task.

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Evil Within Wolfenstein next gen confirmation

is a formality at this point, but Bethesda Softworks has officially confirmed

Wolfenstein: The New Order

and evil

One Xbox and PlayStation 4. The games were previously announced for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC too. Bethesda has also released some more images of the two parties, which we placed in the gallery below.

Gallery: Wolfenstein: The New Order (05/28/13)


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Symbiotic live-action series produced in part of the Exclusive "mysterious journey time" Xbox

Quantum Pause is included with the game when it launches, Remedy creative director Sam lake confirmed.

Quantum Pause Medicine follows the trend of using other media - in their worlds and beyond the - to delve into the world of their games. The story of Max Payne stated in the torn pages of a courageous black comic, Alan Wake has brought the world to life in a short mini-series, the live action. Quantum Pause beyond said lake

Quantum Pause is much more than a game of" AAA ", not a top-of-the-line TV comes with the game Both the game and the show are to be consumed, "said lake, calling the decision to produce a series of" One Step Forward logic "their previous world building efforts.

Develop new, Remedy Entertainment's Oskari Hakkinen said the launch

Quantum Pause

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World War II Battleship Game Angers Players in South Korea

the E3 Gaming Expo this year was his last title Wargaming.net PC,

ships World War . New game trailer pissed some players in Korea. Here is why. In the trailer you can see the Japanese Rising Sun flag, which was made during the Second World War. Obviously, what happened during the war, the flag still irritates many in South Korea and elsewhere in Asia.

The Korea Herald group reports that Korean players were so upset by the imperial flag

's in ships World War , collected a petition of nearly 40,000 signatures to protest.

Note that even today the flag of the rising sun appears in cans of Asahi beer, Asahi, Asahi and taxis. The flag is still the official teaching of the Japanese Navy. Who or what the flag is associated, it's just a fact.

Some compare the flag of the rising sun to the Nazi swastika, a symbol that has been deleted

games in the past, including games localized

for Japan. "We will draw the flag of the rising sun of the game in the future," wrote one of the forum moderators war games official. "There have been recent discussions on this sensitive topic and I hope this clears up some of the confusion. "

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Platform: iOS - Kalaquli R
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Papa Burch is the best father ever. It supports ... nay ... encourages a> their children to do what is right for them. Including feel completely crushed especially Dad "apple juice."

this episode

Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin '? HAWP: Mmmmmmmmm! Apple juice! screenshot

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Zanadou wrote "Al Lowe, the original creator of Leisure Suit Larry and other classic games, today announced the final version of the new version of the first game, Leisure Suit Larry series Earth lounge Lizards: "This is the moment I was waiting for a year - Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded is finally here tonight for PC and Mac games site Replay (It would also be available on Steam .... but refuse! out a game at midnight. tomorrow! "... said HMM) iOS versions will be available as soon as Apple launches iTunes Store will soon be available on Android What a night Thanks to all who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign. has been a long year and hard, but I think this game is worth it. "

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