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Ubisoft has revealed a handful of pre-order bonus for autonomous Might & magic Heroes


Shades of Darkness . Pre-sale $ 30 directly from various objects Ubisoft games net, including Belketh hero - that looks like a

little Joystiq
as the Grim Reaper - and four special weapons.

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GameSpot Toyad explores in depth the reasons for Capcom's flagship franchise is still popular with fans and players. 25th anniversary of the Blue Bombers!

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Terry Cavanagh testing VVVVVV on iPhone, not launching anytime soon

iOS port flip-centric platforms Terry Cavanagh

VVVVVV Joystiq
is instead, the test by the man himself, however, should not be regarded as evidence of his imminent release.

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director Rich Moore said he would be "fantastic" for further propose iconic mascot of Nintendo.

following tables last month centered animated game

Wreck-It Ralph

may present iconic Nintendo mascot Mario. Director Rich Moore told Moviehole that builds ideas for the next post, adding that he is dead all have a role to play Mario.

"I really think something good for Mario to do [in the upcoming film]," said Mr. Moore. "Being able to present later would be great."

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Have met an invitation to the holiday home rich socialites, you are in the Mediterranean explore a luxury mansion by the sea and the realization of a number of characters. Good flirty Esper Pietra, a divorcee sexually aggressive, Cecelia, you're surrounded by temptation. Be careful when you act, the world reacts.

This week, we visit Dungeonland, Skulls of the Shogun, Hitman Trilogy HD and Sonic & All-Stars Racing transformed. Beats courtesy of DJ Vinroc: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/dj-vinroc/id120161502

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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance demo hits Jan 22


Joystiq metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

slices up the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on January 22. Konami has also released a new "Jack the Ripper" seven minutes game trailer, edited by Hideo Kojima.

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Click here to read Walking to Work in New York City: The Game
comes with the iPhone and iPad in February, Gutpela of Sidewalker: Late to Work is a faithful reconstruction of the substance j 'I felt when I visited New York city last month to hang on the
office, the lack of pants. Read more ?

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Majesco admits closures, write offs

Majesco has announced its fourth quarter ended October 31, 2012, the Company recorded a net loss of $ 2.7 million, compared to 3 , $ 9 million loss the previous year. Sales in the full year increased by six percent to $ 132.3 million, but ended with a net profit of $ 4.6 million, $ 2 million last year.

The company also said it has "implemented a number of initiatives to reduce fixed operating costs for the outsourcing model, the variable cost." This included the closure of a studio in Foxboro, Massachusetts, and a reduced game tester at his office in New Jersey.

Here's the quote of the financial report of the company is likely to raise eyebrows: "Due to the low demand for products in the platforms of the console and heritage uncertainty about consumer adoption of next generation consoles, the administration changes its ways of delivering revenue and profit forecasts quantitative years, however, for the year 2013. administration provides a qualitative assessment of their financial performance perspectives. "


means that no longer provides quantitative Majesco (a fancy word for numbers) and provides policy advice based on qualitative analysis (uh, Joystiq
warm fuzzy feelings?

) evaluation.

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Report HMV entering administration on Tuesday


: HMV announcement confirmed that the presentation to appoint Deloitte as society leaders. According to the BBC, HMV has suspended trading on the London Stock Exchange Tuesday, Jan. 15. 239 HMV stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland must remain open while Deloitte seeks a buyer. If a new buyer is not found, nearly 4,350 people will lose their jobs.

retailer HMV relations between the administration of the United Kingdom (ie bankruptcy), after failing to get ? 300 million ($ 483 million) in additional funding debt. The Financial Times and Channel 4, both brick and report trouble free morning mortar will announce the news, making it the latest victim affect the UK market for retail games.

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Platform: iOS, Android - Inverse Universe
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Temple Run Effect "alt =" Click here to read the letters of the iPhone this week: The Temple Run
Effect "src =" http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18caaal36yjnsjpg/xlarge.jpg "width = 640 height = 360> is the second week of our iPhone game renewed re-graphics, and a week after the release of the Temple Run 2

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This trailer

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Halo 4 midnight launches at 4,400 GameStops across the US

Halo 4

the co-op campaign episodic Ops returns Spartan January 21. The series will pause next week to make way for Mountain Dew and Doritos presents Infinity Challenge Halo 4. January will bring the last five episodes of the season. Place your paris now if there will be a second season. Spoiler: I do not want.

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Super Hexagon out on Android, temporarily $1
Terry Cavanagh concentric
chiptune head

know Hexagon
now available in most Android devices running Froyo or higher, provided that the device has access to Google Play and works in conjunction with the hardware (or better) than an iPhone 3GS.

Joystiq Unfortunately, problems with the port Nexus 7 still not been resolved, if the game does not work on Google's flagship tablet. "We will keep an eye on the situation with the Nexus 7," Cavanagh said in its official blog. "If you ever get better, you can be sure it is available on this product as well."

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How Morrowind and KOTOR defined modern RPGs
In early 2000, both sexes West RPG caught and put in new directions and amazingly popular. Bethesda
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
(2002) Knights Of The Old Republic BioWare (2003) Modern RPG "The technology, the expansion of the public, and created the two most popular in the genre forward.

Before these two games were released, the word Computer Role-Playing Game (CRPG) has been widely used to describe games in this column. Ultima, Wizardry, Fallout, Baldur's Gate, which all come from computers (at least initially), DOS / Windows platform became the choice of the decade progressed, but

Morrowind Joystiq


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We know you are busy making games. That is why from now on, Gamasutra will be bringing you a regular aspect of the game that fans are now talking, enjoying the air time to look at what makes them tick heroic new fan favorites. Sometimes, buzz culture not only business data, market research and formal sales. This time, take a look at the complex Atlus Persona rich call 'explosive JRPG 4: ...

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Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford said developer has not yet found a "natural and obvious" feature which exploit the system.

Gearbox Software supports Wii U with its upcoming shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines, say, to the most in search of the game. However, it is the gearbox only game franchise and development for the new Nintendo system.

fans may be wondering why Gearbox plans to bring its popular vote to Borderlands Wii U. According to CEO Randy Pitchford is due to the gearbox have not yet found a valid way to use the system.

    "We wonder if it will be a Wii U Borderlands, and why" is not because they could not "t think of a" natural, obvious OMG-I - do you-do-Wii-U-door function table, "said Pitchford game master (via Nintendo Everything).
  • In addition, Aliens: Colonial Marines who provide the Wii U was an easy decision for Pitchford. "But with strangers, my first thought was" Holy sh * t, I have a motion controller in my hands! "When it" s on my knees he feels like a part "m the film," he said.
series is not the only game that has chosen to omit the space Wii U. Dead 3, Resident Evil 6 and Metro: Last Light will not appear on the console. In addition, it is difficult to know if Crysis 3 or Battlefield 3 will be delivered by the system.

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Steam hits record 6 million concurrent users
captured 6,046,207 people registered at a time yesterday, setting a record for the service. It seems that the sales function steam



In January, a senior steam 5,000,000 concurrent users on 2011 Holiday sale, with over 40 million accounts. Today, steam has a surplus of 50 million registered users and more than 2,000 games for them to play.

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