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Box co-founder Brian Martel and writer Anthony Burch Borderlands 2 discuss the importance of humor and darkness in the upcoming shooter booty

With Bioshock, Borderlands is the most interesting, multifaceted shooter of the last decade. Not only cunning mixture of the components of the game - the incendiary emotions FPS Halo, gay booty-grabbing Diablo - is how you build a world that is both weird and strange, but also very fragrant us. As Christian Donlan so eloquently in his Borderlands 2 preview Eurogamer, Borderlands was not only in the United States

America, with its wide open spaces, sectarianism, his love of good weapons. Borderlands is fun, but it means something.

And in the upcoming sequel, where players once again become scavengers in search of treasure on the desert planet of Pandora, there is a renewed sense of anti-establishment satire. The antagonist is beautiful Jack, CEO of the Company Hyperion bad, trying to clean the Dustball all foreign clans and bandits. With improvised weapons and communities lawless, Wild West you are standing in the way of railroad capitalist progress.

But yes, it is funny and handsome Jack is designed for humor more than provide a kind of evil nemesis in the mold of the traditional game.

"Ahhh, we can not have fun?" Box co-founder Brian Martel groans, at exactly the right moment.

We sit in a small meeting room in the business center at the Gamescom and the conversation turned to other shooters who were around when Borderlands came out, all his boxes blasters serious military Spec Ops soldiers cut dead eyes and patriotic fervor.

"games can be so severe, whether soldiers in the Middle East or Type a megalomaniac trying to take over the Earth," he says. "We all played in scenarios as many times as it is one of the fun things about Borderlands!. guys who play are as much fun as the players and is different every time - we have not seen all the weapons game, it is almost impossible as a hobby -.'s what games should be. "

Weapons are experience engine Borderlands. As in the first title, players will be able to collect weapons modular constructed from a series of random pieces, all with different specifications. Thousands of potential weapons must fulfill to meet each individual playing style.

There are several manufacturers of fiction in the game, each with its own identity, marketing and design strategy. While promoting his Kalashnikov Vladof rate high style machine guns fire with revolutionary zeal, his works Maliwan pushes high-tech weapons in the gallery of the war. Gearbox even promotional videos for all weapons - you can find them all in the 2K page on YouTube, and worth a look, if only for the care and detail that has was ridiculous for them.

It is both functional and intrinsic satirical approach to the game. Weapons are corporate culture exerted on people, right? "Yes, that's part of it," says Martel. "I refer to our creator, Matt Armstrong, as chief of the Division of arms gearbox in the first game that did not quite is the right identity with manufacturers. This time, we wanted to create a convincing sense of affinity with the brand There are people who love their Nikes and others say.!. 'I love Adidas - No rivalry we see with Apple and Android - saw someone the other day that had a sticker on his car eating a apple apps

"Matt wanted these weapons manufacturers. Wanted players to get to where you go to buy a shirt that says Maliwan in it. Believe he has done a very good job this. then Kevin Duke, who helped conceptualize this time for the weapons, I really took to heart. He and artistic director Jeremy Cook really worked to make sure that when he saw the gun on the floor that the manufacturer would know, you would know that it was a Jakobs. "

But Cleverly

gearbox is also toying with the idea of ??brand loyalty. "Yes, Matt wanted to do what is in the design, sometimes it would need a weapon that did not matter to defeat certain creatures," says Martel. We challenge: game vs brand - who will win when it comes to the crunch

therefore explore evangelism mark weapons, but also the business machine behind him. "It was great for me is that the team was really determined to make a ubiquitous element," says Anthony Burch, who joined as gearbox writer in 2010 after Randy Pitchford became a fan of web series hilarious, Hey Ash, Watcha games. "It was as if we have some funny commercials. - No, all weapons will look and feel different and fantasies embody different weapons, without a best expression Accordingly, you get a game that is dystopian -. still more distant foreign lands who can not escape companies remain the program and should not necessarily your best interest at heart

"There are great moments when I was writing large companies to manufacturers of different weapons and we have conversations like," Well, which one of these companies I lack kill me if There was profit in it? Are we conclude that everyone was sold, it was just a question of who would make it faster. none of them are good, you can not side with business. idea is keep everything dark and rough and a little on edge. "

This sense of authenticity, a logical world, it exists in the game - even to the extent that the team has invented technologies to explain the conventions of the genre - as the characters are huge stocks everywhere and when re-spawning players die.

"We wanted to transform the mechanical and gender paradigms in things that feel good for science fiction," says Martel. "And one thing that is underestimated about Borderlands pieces of science fiction that we made, for example, our concept of digistructing [a technology that allows to materialize elements of digital drawings] -. Comes from the fact that characters can not hold all the weapons they carry, I mean, where do they go so we had this idea of ??a platform infinite storage represented by their holsters - when the character reaches for it, do the weapon in his hands .. And that ties into the new stations you, who are present in the place where we die also compatible with the design of the creature we ask, what is the similarity between them so that we all have this thing aside all this mouth?. feeds in the game. "

After two years of the gearbox, Burch said she learned a lot about humor in games. "Yes, in a weird way to appreciate how difficult it is, but at the same time - and this is going to sound stupid -. I think it is easier for many people is that you can count the number of fun games on the one hand, but what is really interesting about this is, in most games, the game itself tends to be fun. because there serious'm you have games like Shadows of the Colossus and Bioshock that are on the verge of great moral choices, and mechanical thinking, but for the vast majority of the time, they are easy prey, "leaving all those heads and get experience points" This is not inherently serious fun.

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