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YokimaSun writes, "the fans of classic point and click graphic adventure games will be pleased to know that a new version of ScummVM has been published with the support of new games such as" Once Upon a Time: Little Red Riding Hood 'Backyard Baseball 2003, "Blue Force ','' Darby the Dragon", the Dreamweb, "Geisha", "Gregory and hot air balloon", "magic Tales. Liam Find a story ", not ScummVM only supports Windows, Linux and new platforms like iPhone and Android, but as consoles Dreamcast, Gamecube and Nintendo 64 and handheld computers and more scarce, and as OpenPandora Dingoo" .

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Club Nintendo is now offering Starship Defense screenshot

Remember when I posted the Club Nintendo offers for this month, and said he was not sure what would happen after a mysterious mid-month deadline for Rec-Rec Electroplankton

Club Nintendo was not a joke, like


is completely in favor of Q-Games

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EA is preparing to update your source client to version 9.0, which seems designed to make the experience of using source client is as painless as possible.

The next update buddy lists separate in its own small window, so you can move or hide it. The view from the library can now be customized. The Help menu has more options as part of a new interface down. Joystiq

"Many of you will be pleased to know that we have heard your requests and forward the production of our in-game clock," was rated EA in the call, respond to a request did not realize that common.

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SDCC: DmC: There's some hope for taunting, cameos screenshot

DMC: Devil May Cry Motohide Eshiro producer and director Hideaki Itsuno supervision were not willing to spill the beans on what else could be in store for their next console Xbox 360, PS3 and PC title, but at least gave us some hope for something new gamescom next month. When asked if Virgil, or any other franchise favorite might be waiting in the wings, the question seemed to be waiting Itsuno. "There is much that we have not talked about the history wise, character wise if you come to gamescom doubt, we'll talk more about the story below." Adding: "There are many things we have not yet spoken, no big thing we can say now. " He nodded when I said in Destructoid gamescom. Perhaps a clue? Maybe I read in your head movement too. We'll see you next month!

Some fans of the show are upset by the exclusion of an element of provocation DMC

. When I spoke Eshiro Itsuno and looked and laughed.

"In fact, we believe that we could leave soon Ninja Theory," he said Itsuno. "In fact, you might ask them something in there, but given the narrow their schedule, they fade when you say that. "

Eshiro joked: "Maybe Kinect fun feature"

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CowboyNeal writes, "unless you do not care about PC games at all, as you know the valve inlet in the MOBA genre / art, Dota 2. despite being still in closed beta, which is currently the first game on Valve's Steam service game, and judging by the above statement of the valve with respect to steam under Linux, this n is a matter of time, even if that time will be a year or more before we see coming Dota 2 Linux and Mac valve has big plans for Dota 2, not less that what happened in Team Fortress 2, although it took several years to get where Team Fortress 2 is today. that the State Dota 2 presents significant, however, is that it has been moved to Team Fortress 2, the most popular game of steam, while being tested in closed beta. "Read on for the rest of CowboyNeal thoughts on games, and what is to be a Slashdot poll option.

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anonymous reader writes: "Activision, with the actual developers of devices, is becoming the Walking Dead in a first person shooter. for those of you unfamiliar, The Walking Dead is the story of a group of people trying to survive the zombie Apocalypse. began as a comic book series, and was adapted into a successful TV show on AMC. Now, Activision apparently feels that the world needs another zombie shooter, and he thinks that The Walking Dead is the perfect backdrop. the game will revolve around Daryl Dixon and his brother Merle in an "obsessive pursuit and tirelessly to make their way to the supposed safety of Atlanta." Daryl players complete control in an attempt to avoid detection of zombies they hunt by sight, hearing, smell, and can choose to fight them or using stealth to avoid detection. A video game adaptation of the story exists as an episodic adventure game. "

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anonymous reader writes "Gabe Newell wants to support Linux because they think that Windows 8 is a disaster for everyone in the PC space. he wants out of a closed ecosystem of Microsoft Windows 8. recently made ??a rare appearance at Casual Connect, an annual conference in Seattle video game section AllThingsD:. "The biggest problem holding back Linux are games that people do not realize how games are important in driving behavior consumer buying want to do it easy as possible for the 2500 games via Steam to work .. on Linux. is a hedging strategy. I think Windows 8 is a disaster for everyone in the PC space. I think we will lose some of the first class PC OEM /, to be published. I the margins will be destroyed by a group of people. If true, then it is good to have alternatives to protect against this possibility. Some Linux users think it's a win-win for users Linux, because it brings good game titles on the Linux system that have not been there and will protect the business model of Apple and Microsoft steam. "

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Snoopy Street Fair passes fivemillion downloads
Capcom cell sub-brand, Beeline, today announced that
Snoopy Street Fair
IOS has surpassed five million downloads. The game follows the pattern set by other mega-success Beeline on the basis of a franchise like children:

People of the Smurfs. two games are free to play premium content management sims, with in-app.


Smurfs' Village

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Click here to read The Weird, Wonderful and Sometimes Secret History of Nintendo Nintendo

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an HD remake of

Jojo Bizarre Adventure
was announced during a Capcom panel San Diego Comic-Con. The new version includes two original graphics and high definition Reskin and online multiplayer capabilities. Revive one of the wildest games ever made ??the fight will take place $ 19.99/1600 MSP when the game launches on PSN and XBLA on August 21 and 22, respectively.

proof of this new version was found three days Xbox360Achievements, but this announcement could not confirm speculation that CyberConnect2 handling the conversion of high definition. Joystiq

If you are perplexed and confused, we'll fill in the gaps:

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Renegade Kid's Mutant Mudds coming to PC
Game Developer eShop
Renegade Kid downloadable action
Mutant Mudds

, soon make their way to worldwide PC. Although no specific date was given, Renegade Kid promises that "soon be available through many digital distribution partners." The PC version, known as "Granny Edition" will include 20 new levels, and the original 40.

We really liked 3DS version, especially 3D mechanical toggle between different views. PC gamers, especially fans of action games difficult, certainly should take note.

Continue reading

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Katsuhiro critical for customers who have blindly repeated requests of Tekken ".

Director game that helped shape the Harada Tekken series on the last seventeen years seems to have lost patience with some of the fans of the series after the publication of a comprehensive and critical rejection of several requests.

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Platform: IOS - Hanger (mobile)
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torches Creator called blatant scam Sold in - where else - iPhone App Store [Updated] "alt =" Click here to Outraged read
creator called blatant scam Sold in - where else - iPhone App Store [Update] "src =" http://img.gawkerassets. com/img/17st6bjznx9zwjpg/original.jpg "width = 190 height = 120>

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