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The Sound Card 007: Game music on vinyl screenshot


began and ended in 2008. The sound card, I mean. North Dale series began several years ago, and although he had a very short time, I've always been a fan of the column that appears odd that include lists of "f * cked up 8 more vocal remixes "and" the ten most heinous Songs of the Game. "

I wanted to bring the series, and as just noted, which involved a large number of lists, the message was an excellent introduction introduction to the game's music, most of which are still in force today. What Dale did not touch, however, was the game's music on vinyl. This is where it all started, and were recently seen a resurgence, so I wanted to dive into this forgotten chapter in the history of video games and show some style to release both new and old in some unboxing videos. Give a welcome back to the sound card, and we hope soon ... and I have a top ten list of brewing in my head!


So what the hell is vinyl?

I think this is a very relevant question. My first experience with the media will come across a copy of Roses 'N' Guns
Using Illusion and

Appetite for Destruction

in the closet of my parents. I had some very provocative art, which is probably why he was in the closet, and probably why I never asked about it. He was tall, bulky, and it looked great, but I had no idea what it was.
Being born in the mid-1980s the audio cassette was widely reported, so I was enjoying my music in that environment. I remember a table to turn over the stereo configuration of my grandfather, but even after viewing the record in the closet of my parents and in turn the table to my grandfather, I I did not put the two together until much later. Is likely to see some sort of DJ antics on television. However, vinyl is still, today, has certain advantages that can be offset by disadvantages serious enough. Wax discs are mainly large with slots cut in both sides. They come in different sizes, and can be played at different speeds to produce interesting effects (which can also be played backwards, that some artists use it as a great trick to hide things in their music). In terms of benefits, cutting on a disk that is analog, or, in other words, not digital, you will find on the compact disc (CD) or, obviously, the digital files. Numerical approximation of the original files of the sound waves were generated by the artist, in a sense, what you hear on a vinyl record is the true, pure sound as if listening to it performed live. However, the written music in digital format (by computer) is already digital, and although you can not get the full analog sound of vinyl, if the music is well prepared, can still benefit from this support. In this case (as is the case with new vinyl), I think the biggest attraction is it just looks good, and there is this romantic notion about half to forget the past. About negative, however. Because the optimal distance of the grooves of the disc, in fact, you can not tighten more than 20-25 minutes of music per side. Furthermore, the fact that a needle should be in physical contact with the paper to produce sound, with time slots and erode the quality of sound is reduced. Consider the grain of sound, which is associated with vinyl, and this is what we see. The fact that there is a finite number of times you can enjoy it, however, adds a kind of rustic charm in the middle. I guess this also applies to tapes, but the bands are not as cool as vinyl, right? play music on vinyl

is now
rather difficult to explore the history of the game music on vinyl. There are many resources, and some of the things at the beginning was quite dark. However, VGMdb, an updated resource spectrum, is probably your best bet and I'm widely used for this function. To take a look for yourself, go to the advanced search, see "game music" and "vinyl" and hit search. Then sort by date. There should be about 8 pages of notes.

The limitation, however, and a warning before you start on this is that if you are in the hands of fans, it is unlikely that the database, so that in all cases, there is music beyond vinyl VGMdb indicated.

According VGMdb, however, one of the first examples of game music on vinyl, it was in 1978 with the eponymous record by Yellow Magic Orchestra. It contains remixes of
and Space Invaders and paved the way for other versions until 1970 and early 1980, which included a group of


Yars 'Revenge Missile Command , among others. They even had its own drama albums with reading books that had short stories of these games. Jump to 1983 and to have Do the Donkey Kong and

Donkey Kong correctly. During the second half of the 1980s, Namco has come on board with Xevious followed by her compilation album, Namco Video Game Graffiti was Dig Dug Sky Kid New Rally-X Mappy , and more.

From there, ran a golden age of music playing on the vinyl. There were rumors of Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda with the original versions and orchestra and a music collection with tons of NES Famicom classic hits that were followed by Konami, Capcom, Hudson, Sega, Taito, SNK, Tecmo and communicated in mid-1980.

Enix has been a pioneer with Koichi Sugiyama to bring a live orchestra to play music (his Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite series was actually the first concert of the orchestra play some music in the 1980s, but it is a subject for another time), and also live sets and brass band arrangements also Electone occurred in the vinyl. of all Last and Against Final Fantasy and came later to complete the 80 and we can start in the 1990s. There are literally hundreds of vinyl releases of this decade, and the volume of emissions fell from there. To give you an idea of ??the changes that have taken place, I'll give you a quick count (again, their known limitations VGMdb): decade 1970-4
decade from 1990 to 1943 decade 2000 to 41 decade from 2010 to 27 (! in just three years ) CD that took in the 1990s and the launch of new platforms Sega and Nintendo, there were fewer, but still some amazing versions. Sonic the Hedgehog vinyl debuted at this time, with Tetris , the worthy grand Pulseman , and Street Fighter II . There was also a series of albums around this time remix, including this great Super Mario Land: Ambassadors of Funk Release:

After only a few shots to celebrate our beloved Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, went to the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. Wipeout , a look made of vinyl, was released with

Tekken Ridge Racer and Parappa . Also got my hands on these rare remixes of Step 4 Ground not yet VGMdb:

Squaresoft made an appearance in the middle years of the 1990s, with Front Mission Alternative , a fantastic album of arrangements, and later with "eyes on me" Final Fantasy VIII with Vampire Killer Dracula X / of the night and beatmania , Capcom

Biohazard 2 , and Sega

Sonic R and Burning Rangers . Although the packaging for many of these versions was pretty lame, I found the following double-counting
BODY.VINYL.LTD release to be quite amazing in the packaging department: Another reason I never I really know the amount of vinyl that is there because of the press like this:

Squaresoft prepared double record this version
Parasite Eve Remixes as a promotional tool for DJs to start playing with their equipment. This has never been released commercially, so this kind of thing, we can never know what's out there. There were rumors a little less in the 2000s. At that time, vinyl was scarce and business promotion. There was apparently nothing sexy about the format of this time, and apart from a few press releases, such as Grand Theft Auto III Doom 3 , and a nice red Super Street Fighter II Turbo Battle Press . There were some interesting fan remix albums (and not as rare VGMdb) which can be found here:

A friend, Haroon "FFMusicDJ" Piracha (I also sent a large number of these rare vinyl editions include this feature) sent me this interesting graphic that shows the percentage of music sales animation between 1980 and 2010, which is very indicative of what s 'went to vinyl during this period. Then came the 2010s. We have seen a resurgence of the medium, both in underground environments and great name published. I think it is partly responsible for the passionate underground communities that make up the indie game scene. The atmosphere is what makes the impression that if anything is possible, and good music being created for these securities. A press, and the first to arrive in 2010 was the excellent soundtrack Machinarium , which is actually still available for fans who are interested:

It was followed by a series of two press releases and promotional commercial game companies, including 2K ( BioShock ) Square Enix ( Final Fantasy XIII ), Blizzard Entertainment ( StarCraft II ), Rockstar ( Red Dead Redemption ), THQ (the rare
and de Blob 2 ) and even Microsoft ( Halo: Combat Evolved AA). Check some of them below:

Things versions also continued the popular Indie Sword & Sworcery Vinyl stick, and a title that I think is the soundtrack single that deserves more than one edition vinyl, 2009s Destroy (vinyl was released in 2011), which is easily one of my favorite bands of all time:

I think that Jim Guthrie, composer of Sword & Sworcery , has to say about the reasons for vinyl and why it is revealing to the will of the indie scene for these things: "During the time that I have been creating music discs with the ultimate goal was always to release the material on vinyl. never been a problem for me to press vinyl. This is "I can press vinyl and not lose my shirt?" This is the ideal format to enjoy the music and saw all the media that followed. Sounds good. The art is nice and big and you have to interact with it to find a way that is very satisfying. Not to sound like a broken record (pun intended), but CD and MP3 not provide the same experience. They are practical and easy to store, retrieve and fly, but that's all. No matter how high technology to get things I think vinyl will always be a place in this world. " I would not have said it better. Not since the 1980s have seen many versions of vinyl per year. This year we have seen versions that celebrate the Commodore 64, the aa music Retro City Rampage (get the blue, while still can!) And next aa Botanicula records of minorities (the same label that put the

Machinarium ). This is a good time for lovers of vinyl, and after a turbulent history, it's time to dust off (or in my case, go out and buy!) A turntable and relive a piece of music history.

Where to find vinyl
Unfortunately, most things who rushed into 2010 is almost impossible to find at this point. Even the most recent versions are printed in limited quantities and once they are gone, are gone. With this in mind, it is better to hit auction sites like eBay find more. Haroon Piracha, who was charged with finding a bunch of things listed here, also recommends Juno Records, where he saw things very well, as "Heavenly Star" by Genki Rockets.

Some companies do still offer their vinyl releases for sale Here is a quick downward:.

Square-Enix (Japanese only). http://store.jp square enix.com /

You can choose two of Final Fantasy XIII , one of Final Fantasy XI

, the Myth : The Xenogears orchestral album

, and aa SQ Trax remix album of relatively cheap (about $ 30 USD), although it is single. e-shop, and must be purchased in Japan

Blizzard Entertainment
: http://us. blizzard . com / store / id = 1100001265 details.xml
You can always pick up
Revolution Overdrive -? Songs of Freedom
, a collection of original music created for the jukebox in the
aa StarCraft II

for $ 25.

minority Records
: http://www.minorityrecords.com/

Machinarium crossed a reprint due to high demand. Get it now if you want, is a great soundtrack and packaging is remarkable.

is the latest version released in May

Retro City Rampage :. http://retrocityrampage.bandcamp . com /

We have already noted that these are very limited, with 100 blue, green 100, 300 and black. Green is exhausted, and there are very few remaining blue There's also a sale of the audio directly from Lotus at the time of 4 CAD off:. http://sidhe.bandcamp.com/album/shatter-official-videogame-soundtrack

easily one of the most resonant of all time, signed by Jeremiah "module" of Ross himself. Select before it's gone

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