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In the second part of our interview, Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo legend speaks of the troubled launch of the Nintendo 3DS and the future of casual gaming market

Read Part 1 of our interview with Miyamoto

race Miyamoto at Nintendo was defined by its hardness. His commitment to perfection creative delayed the launch of the Nintendo 64 for three months to pay his team time to finish the game of his vision.

"A game is delayed nice weather, but a racing game is bad forever," he joked at the time.

More recently he has held with the troubled launch of the Nintendo 3DS. "Especially during the first six months after the system output, sales were lower than those of the DS. This is mainly because we have not had a great first game titles, I think. Also the price point was too high.

"In fairness to us, we realized that reduced the price and worked very hard to have a solid foundation for the Christmas season, which offers 3D Super Mario Land, Mario Kart and Kid Icarus 7 .

"As the situation in Japan today, the console is selling well. We sold 5 million consoles out there, which is respectable for a console in its first year. Challenge now is continue to put effort into making the most popular 3DS. Guide du Louvre is another way to do it. "

ago humility Miyamoto to analyze the fortunes of 3DS to date, however, when asked what could be done differently, your solution is to use old ideas and past successes.

"If I could turn back the clock that would change the alignment for the launch of 3DS and he had more of Mario games is not only that, but also has some excellent features that attract non-gamers. 3D Photo, characteristics of augmented reality and other applications installed. We strive to communicate, but we failed. If I could go back would release these things differently, and spent more time working on this message. "

When asked if any hardware failure to inspire sales could be down to the base point of sale - Stereoscopic 3D - be grotesque, Miyamoto is outraged. "In fact, the 3D is actually the most normal thing because it's like those of us with two eyes often see in the world. Televisions are unusual things in 2D! Stereo does not look like something. Rather it is the usual way to show things. "

The battle for hearts and minds

Obsession selecting "no players", said Miyamoto, defined the recent production of Nintendo, the company's management took after the mainstream success of the Wii console and lite-gaming software that Brain Training from Dr. Kawashima and Wii Fit.

"There are big lines between those who play video games and those who do not. For those who do not, video games are irrelevant. They think all games Video should not be too difficult. We want to eliminate that barrier, "he said at the launch of the Wii. This work continues today.

In fact, one of the most successful features of 3DS is StreetPass, software that detects when another 3DS is in the neighborhood, and adds the avatar of owning their own system , a sort of Human Zoo ("I just learned today that people in France get together to cross the street to another. This type of phenomenon is happening.")

But recently, the new approach has been exacerbated by the appropriation of land from Apple for the hearts and minds of casual gamers. In fact, an immediate plan for the Nintendo 3DS is an examination of the shop, the Japanese competitor to Apple App Store. I wonder if the plan is to create a more open platform to Gamemakers to upload their own games, more or less the same way that Apple has reduced the cost of entry for would-be Gamemakers hoping to publish their titles to iDevices.

"Obviously, it would make development tools more accessible," he says. "Maybe we should look, but one of the tools we offer must be supported. From my perspective, we want to go to smaller studies and work on small projects, while helping them as a means easier and faster for small studies concerned. This is the best way to go. "

Aa Apple

entry for Nintendo's handheld market has caused some problems in the design of your next move in the innovation system portable. "Clearly much of the potential of handheld consoles can now be covered by smartphones," he says. "When you think of a new material that we have to think of things we can add that at present can not do with a smartphone for us, we should have a good reason to launch a new hardware - Something needed .. "

The idea factory

It is this sense that Nintendo is not quite sure what you can offer is the novel - which defined the purpose of the software company in recent years as well. Although Miyamoto is quick to point out that Wii Sports and Wii Fit are the two new game series, is forced to withdraw to the Pikmin for GameCube release in response to the accusation that Nintendo EAD became conservative in recent years in For new games.

When I ask what you think of more exciting games, said: "The key is to surprise people developing games is very easy to use tool to surprise people and offer things for players new and unexpected .. In fact, it can be done quite easily. does not take much to do. There are exceptions, but the games can be created very easily. I love it. "

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SpellTower is now available for the iPhone and the iPhone for just 69p. He still has a long way to go to reach number one, however: the two upcoming games of this space are the birds Rovio angry, and draw something. Thurs OMGPOP was so successful that the study was recently purchased by Zynga for $ 180 million.

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Table Analysis Google

store Play free sample-to-play model capture

There are worse ways to spend an afternoon reading the graphics department stores application extrapolation, if you understand the market dynamics applications.

wanted data crunching Reading Google Android store to see what applications make the most money there, and in particular to see what proportion of paid applications for free report.

Y? These are the results of the analysis, based on the Google Map above the UK Listen collection applications, as was the case in the afternoon of April 20 with data from the game site to Google.

Topline Results: 75% of the 100 highest grossing Android applications in the UK - in the Google store, at least - are free to install, and make your money in-app purchases. Note that these figures are based on consumer spending, rather than advertising.

But what is even more clear is the predominance of a particular type of free application in this area, since 68 of the 100 applications are freemium games. In fact, 18 of the 20 biggest grossing Android applications in the UK were free games, animated by the people of Ice Age Gameloft, Zynga Zynga Poker and the small town of TinyCo.

Meanwhile, one of 25 paid applications on the table, were 13 games, which means that the games represent 81% of the first 100 applications profit from the time of my analysis.

return freemium games, you can see some familiar names in world IOS, as Gameloft (free to play four in the Billboard top 100 of the collection), Glu Mobile (September), Storm8 (five ) and TeamLava (five) and Zynga (three, or four if you count newly acquired work something out, it still shows that OMGPOP its editor). Others, like the game and DroidHen Insight, are more important in IOS Android.

The common theme right? All brands of confidence, either from the. Console / PC, or popular on Android and IOS Football seems to be doing well, too: FIFA 12 and Football Manager Handheld 2012 is located in the hub 10k-50k total installed but are still on the table - the second in 11 th place with a price of £ 6.99

, is less obvious lessons. To enter the Billboard Top 100 at the box office, may be charged ? 20 or more if you have some type of application, such as navigation (CoPilot Live), sports (Golfshot: Golf GPS, F1 2012 Timing App ) or medical (anesthesia enormous Central 93.28 pounds, and is installed 100-500).

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studies NetherRealm is committed to providing a creative team and ambitious cooperative where members are encouraged to go beyond what has been done before. Together with our team is working with industry leaders, professionals from the top of their game trying to make gaming experiences AAA

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total spending on new hardware, software and accessories in the U.S. Retail was $ 1.1 billion, a decrease of $ 370 million last year. The largest decline was in hardware sales, which fell 35 percent, software sales fell by a quarter and accessories fell 8 percent.

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Qore finished his career with the episode of this month, with a share of April oriented

Magic Joystiq

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If you have aa Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 , you will be able to unlock extra content Episode 2 . Owners free access to both "Metal Episode" which adds four new levels and a playable character in Metal Sonic. This function recalls the "Lock-On" technology in the Sonic & Knuckles Image
, Sega Genesis can connect the former owners of Sonic games on the cartridge and then play as Knuckles the echidna. The difference now, of course, is that there is no cartridge to connect.
Sonic 4 Episode 2 'locks in "Episode 1 add Metal Sonic originally appeared on Joystiq on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 7:00:00 p.m. ET. If you please see our terms for use of feeds.


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You know how some jokes make you laugh because they feel like they're hitting on some essential truth? That's how Mad Magazine's skewering of Siri and Apple's recent labor woes comes across in these fake ads from the comedy institution's upcoming issue.
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land and get rudimentary flying machines.

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We look at the USA -12 nerve, MAV, APC, more towing, and a bonus point.

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You are McAllister, a living legend in baseball, leaning on the mound while pitching arm grabs her lifeless, a moment after launch a recording. The next thing you know, you're in a car accident and wakes up in the park a wild, decadent pleasure called Land of Queen Christina of sleep. There, a man in a suit with the head of a cow says you can get your arm back to form by launching its way to the castle at the end of the park -. While using a bionic arm

This is

your evil Joystiq
, the latest Xbox Live Arcade title of Grasshopper Manufacture. Curiously, what is important to note is that this game is based on Microsoft Kinect device, and each shot by McAllister is a real life, the echo for you.

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This is a weekly column focuses on "Western" RPG. their stories, their stories, their mechanics, their madness and stupidity

column last week about changes in the RPG combat systems throughout history ruffled a few feathers, so I thought it would be a good idea to discuss this, in my opinion, makes a good RPG battle system. I had no intention of looking like I hated turn-based combat (like my two favorite RPG to use it!), Or each new game that was better than the last. answer perhaps the most important component of a good combat system. I refer to "meet" broadly, encompassing four different ways to accurately answer that everyone can work together. Rhythm, information, animation and sound aa average rate sensitive that when you press the button to make things happen, that

happens quickly. In Jagged Alliance 2

Joystiq, one of the greatest tactical RPG of all time, click the mouse and immediately see what happens. Their options to save instantly. Or, in games like

The Elder Scrolls: Arena

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For a team that developed the game Apple iPad this year, was nominated for a BAFTA, and has some of the best adaptations of IOS received from the game console, studies IronMonkey n 'often arrive in the public conversation. The list of Melbourne, Australia, based on a study of games, including IOS Mirror's Edge, Need for Speed??: Hot Pursuit, Dead Space, and more recently, Mass Effect: infiltrate, which was published to coincide with Mass Effect 3 in the PC 360, and Xbox. ..

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Come join Vicarious Visions, a game developer's most dynamic and creative in the gaming industry for over 15 years, games have been pushing VV technical limitations to deliver addictive gameplay and immersive art do both characters and worlds to life on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, iPhone, and many other platforms. Vicarious Visions, based in Albany, New York, has received critical acclaim with hit titles such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance ® 2A, Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero: On Toure ®

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a number of major publishers have served 3.580 new accounts registered sex offenders in New York from their platforms and online games as part of a new "Operation: Game Over" initiative with the State. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said that this movement was the first of its kind, the effort to protect children against predators in online games, and included the participation of Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Warner Bros, Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainment and Disney Interactive Media Group. "We ...

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Click here to read New York State Just Banned 3,580 Online Gamers (Who Are All Sex Offenders)

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The founder of an e-learning office, said the market economy is profitable digital

social enterprises could make millions of books with social applications, online games and challenges, and other cash-generating businesses in the digital economy, according to the contractor sector Health and social norm developer Dave Dawes site.

Speaking at a meeting in OxfordJam, a three-day event corporate social marginal edge of the Skoll World Forum in Oxford, Mr. Dawes said: "I wonder if companies social may be using this space I not seen any activity of social enterprise in this space, "

"You have all heard of casual games like Farmville and Cityville," said Dawes, who founded several companies of social education for nurses, who runs the business and social PrepOnline. " There are 56 million adults who play these games in the United States. Many people do not realize that 10 percent of these people to pay money for digital products of these games, such as apples, for example.

"This is a very big market for billions of dollars. The company launched these games called Zynga, has £ 29 million in cash from venture capital in 2008 and is now worth $ 1.5 billion.


"I learned that 28 million applications were downloaded into Google and they seem to be the first social applications for the sale of the company," Dawes told participants. He said demand has been aligned with the company, but I was put in place to make a decent amount of money, and delivered. "You can learn to make requests. It is not difficult, "he said.

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Joystiq glove just passed Microsoft certification and will be available for 1200 Microsoft Points , Wednesday, April 11. The date of the PSN version of the game has not yet been finalized, but will be "very likely to be April 10," according to an announcement on NeoGAF by the laboratories of the community, Peter Bartholow Reverge.

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Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner
Jordan agreed to release the original source code for its innovative platform game Apple II, after his father is in the back of a closet. Wrote in his blog, Mechner said he had taken the source code of the game lost forever until his father sent him a box full of games that had found the back of a closet - which included March 3 , 5 "discs that contain the code

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