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game retailers must keep independent bookstores to survive the threat posed by supermarkets and the decline in disposable income

few weeks ago, went to the bathroom of the Party branch to buy an Xbox 360 copy of Lego Star Wars. This is an earlier title, but part of a very popular, I thought it was a chance that I would always provided - especially when it reissued as part of Classics Xbox budget range

inside, however, I found a thin shelf sales of existing first 20 shots, while the rest of the magazine was distributed to media by a number of titles used . The game was a gift, I did not want a second hand copy, but there was simply no new shares to have the new catalog. I went and bought it online. So much for the experience of high street shopping.

Monday, detailing the game went into administration, ending 20 years of business and an institution, once dominant. Just 277 of the United Kingdom and Ireland 600 stores were closed by the administrator PwC, with the loss of more than 2,000 jobs. The bath store in the center of the Virgin to buy the new city, is one of the victims. The source VCM industry news, many potential buyers are circling the company, but whatever happens, the vast empire of the game, which often includes two or more stores in the same city, has decreased. PwC partner Mike Jervis blamed "high fixed costs, an ambitious international roll-out" of the crisis - but there was a deeper malaise? Does this mean the end of the brick and mortar retail games?

Here's a quick summary: the expense of Main Street is a downward spiral due to lower revenues and increased discretionary time, shopping on the Internet inexorable. Moreover, in the gaming industry, the industry is moving towards a digital model in which the securities are purchased online, then download directly on consoles and PC. An accomplished fact apparent to retail stores.

"The transition to digital technology was faster than many people expect," said analyst Lisa Green Planet Byfield-retail. "With that many stores, game n ' has not kept pace with any future for the base of the company store is a smaller lot - .. What that means is divided by and purchased from different companies, or anyone who decide to take the game as a whole "

time, it may have been a snap. The cycle of the console every five years might have triggered the interest and brought together a strong sales, but also on. Development costs and maintenance of current machines has led to Microsoft and Sony to prolong life, filling the gap with devices such as Kinect and Move. But without launching a window into the hardware of seven years, stores have suffered. "Retailers of games can not be trusted in the cycle of the console in a way that could last 10 years," said Patrick O'Brien, senior analyst at Verdict Research retail. "And the future we are talking about material that comes out that does not require physical media at all."

Despite the gloom, however, we are


facing the imminent death of the main street retail video game. Let's start with the issue of digital downloads. A few weeks ago, there were rumors that the next Xbox may not have an optical drive, leading some to speculate that the console would be to completely abandon physical media, so all the games available for digital download Internet .

Somehow, that seems reasonable. Game publishers would save a fortune on the physical layout and make a better cut on each copy sold, to deal directly with consumers. Console manufacturers, who provide online stores, you can also use a similar model to Apple, which generates a healthy 30% in each application for the iPhone sold.

But it is unlikely right now. "The average Xbox game is up to 8 giga and some of the PS3 20 GB is 15," said Nick Elliott, founder of computers Barkman, an independent dealer who has managed to survive in this business for 25 years.

"I do not think the broadband infrastructure, we have in this country is ready for it." According to Ofcom, the average speed of broadband in the UK are around 7.6Mpbs, but the investigation of the price comparison site uSwitch suggests the third of households are below, which means that the discharge of a full console title can take several hours.

Andrew Ferguson, claims Thinkbroadband.com, the system can handle all downloads of games on a massive scale, but there would be no problems. "The major suppliers such as BT Total Unlimited, Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk are likely to be able to cope, although the incidence of congested areas will increase, especially if the use is growing faster than the updates can be requested, which can often take weeks or months to live. "And with many small suppliers who try to raise the price of space unlimited downloads, the increasing use will inevitably lead to Recessions and dissatisfied customers.

Instead of going digital-only, it is likely that Microsoft plans to move from DVD to SD card or any other proprietary format the memory card. This would provide much greater storage (vital for the next generation of titles, we are looking for Xbox games on multiple DVDs) without the need to support the Sony Blu-ray taken into account. And with the use of cards like these and PlayStation Vita, it is likely that the PlayStation 4 will play each time he announced.

This hybrid model that holds the bricks and mortar retailers in a loop and do their best to accommodate. Apart from managing their own online stores, most game stores also sell items that contain cards that can be used to buy games on Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo eShop and network services PlayStation line. The game also had deals in place with Sony and Microsoft to sell cards for digital downloads of specific securities.

It had a perfect sense: browse the virtual retailers, as anyone who has never used the App Store will tell you, is not always the most intuitive experience. Good if you know what you want, but if you want to explore and discover new things. Be able to get in a game store and find cards selling titles such as Braid, Castle Crashers and Limbo indie gems made more visible to casual players. If this system could be extended to allow small chains and India to enter the digital market.

And if he did move to consoles memory card formats in the future, there are other opportunities for high street stores. A model could see consumers bring their own blank memory sticks in stores for the latest download of digital titles, well, he leaves the house, but that would mean I would not have to wait hours for a game downloading through its own broadband connection. In the U.S., Nintendo tried something similar with the 3DS console, creating special Nintendo Wi-Fi zones in stores like Best Buy, allowing players to download demos and exclusive content such as coupons for money your handheld.

The retailer also returned to pre-owned sales to increase profits, and I saw a great profit by reselling used titles. However, this alienated many publishers and developers who have felt excluded from the value chain. "Game, as a business, was based largely on sales," said Elliot. "It was frustrating for publishers who could not sell the products so much at stake, because after the release were not enough copies had been sold again - this is the same as the party has become publishers when they support a difficult period. "

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