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iPad iPhone Game Development cocos2d
Learn iPhone and iPad cocos2d Game Development

Binding: Paperback

Manufacturer: Apress

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iPad iPhone Game Development cocos2d

offers a solid introduction to the game engine and related tools cocos2d iPhone. It focuses on the process of creating several full games cocos2d code and little or no iPhone SDK and OpenGL. With the creation of 3.2 matches broadcast through the book you will learn the key concepts cocos2d game engine and tools relevant than Zwoptex (TextureAtlas) ParticleDesigner (particle effects), and others.

The games are based on the example of popular games from the App Store so that they are relevant, recognizable, and the immediate pleasure and inspiring. The increasing complexity of games and highlight recurrent issues common beginner cocos2d. As time passes, you will learn about potential obstacles and how to navigate successfully. As you progress from beginner to advanced, you will find the general wisdom of scheduling games, tips for improving performance and indicators of alternate implementations and other readings.

  1. is assumed that the reader has prior knowledge of programming, but not necessarily with Objective-C. Related issues such as Xcode, Objective-C, iPhone SDK, and OpenGL are discussed only when absolutely necessary.
  2. What you will learn
  3. cocos2d
  4. familiarity with the core game engine API and physics engine Box2D
  5. Understanding the processes and best practices for game development in the context of cocos2d and its associated tools
  6. excitement and thrill of
  7. create their own games with a recognition that you are able to create games that can compete in the App Store
  8. Where to go from here: more information and alternate implementations
  9. that this book is for

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teaser trailer we saw the class in the new Gunzerker

Borderlands 2

releases again in August, Gearbox and shared some information on how brandishing a weapon the animal will work. The class is a carrier of two weapons, but you can only hold two guns in a limited period of time, which means you have to make difficult decisions about which weapons to take and when. Combine an electric machine gun fire with a shotgun to put shields and damage called? Sure, why not Joystiq

There are three skill trees in the class: You have skills like "Yay yippe Ki", which stretch their way in a Berzerk the Slaughter. The second is more of a tree of the tank, with capacities that improve their health and offer a parody of the unity of enemies that attack you (rather than the weakest of the team). Finally, there is a tree called "Gun Lust" which seems more oriented to the game alone, with attacks of vampires and special abilities available, such as giving more damage to the last frame of a clip, or providing vaccines without additional cost of ammunition.

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Application Development

iPad For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))
iPad Application Development For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))

  • Binding: Paperback
  • Manufacturer: For Dummies " / AA>


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Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter controlled by touch, iPhone, iPod, iPhone and Android (Orange / Blue)
Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter Controlled by iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices (Orange/Blue)

Binding: Electronics

Manufacturer: Parrot Inc.


Parrot AR.Drone lets you see what the pilot sees. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control the Parrot AR.Drone to the accelerometer built into your iPhone, iPod touch, iPhone or Android device and phones and tablets based. The board cameras (one facing front, one facing down) lets you view real-time what the driver sees you complete complex flight maneuvers. Augmented reality is the world around you in a video game. The persecution of a fighter jet through the house, alone or with friends. Powerful processing allows the integration AR.Drone computer generated images directly in real time, streaming video to create a set of augmented reality with air-air missiles, interactive systems for targeting, fire and explosions. No ordinary RC helicopter, the military Parrot AR.Drone uses technology very stable level flight. The four rotors quadricopter uses two ultrasonic altimeters, a three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope multiple embedded platform of Linux continues to stabilize during flight. Drone can even compensate for the turbulence caused by wind. In fact, it's so easy to control, anyone can fly. Inside the home or away. Fly your Parrot AR.Drone anywhere. The helmet includes coverage protects the rotors during tight maneuvers around the walls and furniture is easily removed to reduce weight and wind resistance in flight outside. Helicopter is made of carbon fiber and high strength plastic. Li-Po battery included. Now, with applications for both Apple and Android IOS. Parrot AR.Drone for the gaming experience Brookstone today a whole new level! Note: AR.Drone can not send to addresses outside the United States. For over 14 years. Warning: choking hazard to small parts. By clicking "Add to Cart", you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the terms of purchase of the customer. Click here to see the good

Amazon.com Product Description:

quadricopter AR.Drone
The remote control is an innovative device that combines the best of several worlds, including modeling, video games, and augmented reality. The AR.Drone is remotely controlled by the device (see compatibility below) and a number of sensors, including a front camera, vertical camera, altimeter and an ultrasound. The Drone also be used in video games as AR.FlyingAce, a duel between two AR.Drone.

The first quadricopter controlled by the iPod touch / iPhone / iPhone / Android

check with your device

With its onboard Wi-Fi, you can control the Parrot AR. unmanned aircraft with an iPod touch, iPod touch, iPhone or Android (OS 2.2 (Froyo) or higher, minimum 3 inches wide, multi-touch).

The Parrot AR.Drone

The quadricopter AR.Drone is the first that can be controlled by an iPod touch iPod touch, iPhone or Android (OS 2.2 (Froyo) or higher, minimum 3 inches wide, multi-touch).

  • high-tech sensors offer simple driver

  • A mixture of the kidnappers, the wide-angle camera high-speed camera and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) accelerometers, gyro sensors and an ultrasonic sensor combined with a powerful onboard computer to control the AR.Drone easy. Just use your device and just tilt and touch to control the RA.

    Connect and see
  • The Parrot AR.Drone generates its own Wi-Fi to connect the camera to control . The front view of the camera are transmitted to the display of the experimental device.


    Autopilot allows takeoff and landing easy. After takeoff, the autopilot stabilizes the AR.Drone at a height of 80 centimeters. When you remove your finger from your device, the autopilot function automatically puts the drone hovering. Lost connection with the Drone? Autopilot takes over again and stabilizes the device before attempting a landing smoothly and safely.

includes inner and outer hulls

  • The shield protects the hull AR.Drone full impacts that occur during battles against enemies of nature hidden in the rooms of the house. The color of the hull is optimized aerodynamics, allowing more out of control.

high durability and easy repair

  • quadricopter AR.Drone is a carbon fiber and high resistance PA66 plastic. All parts can be modified to facilitate repairs.
  • Free
  • control of the application

Please download the free AR.FreeFlight (iTunes App Store or Android Market) to control the RA.

  • Augmented Reality Games
  • not only see what the camera sees before AR.Drone, but enjoy a variety of games augmented reality. AR.Games sold in the iTunes App Store and Android Market. Choose from a selection of single player and multiplayer using the Drone camera and augmented reality applications. Shoot the enemies and other drones.

  • Compatibility

    IOS devices: iPod touch, iPhone and iPad
  • Android OS devices
  • Optimized for: Samsung S Galaxy, Galaxy S II Samsung, Motorola Xoom, HTC Desire, also compatible with: HTC Desire HD, HTC Sensation, the Optimus 2x LG and Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

  • flight time: 12 minutes

3 cell lithium polymer

    Capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Charging time: 90 minutes

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Review: VVVVVV (3DS) screenshot


is one of those games that feels like it should. His name alone is quite difficult for most people to calculate. Then just look at the thing. It's nostalgia for a period of play that even I am too old to remember, pre-

Mario where player characters just two images of animation and spent the time to dodge his attacks stop signs of life and the word "NO!" It's not exactly what is in fashion in the streets right now, is that children

However, this did not prevent our Anthony Burch (now a superstar of the Internet and game developers themselves) to give the game a 10/10. For many of you, which should be sufficient. I know it was for me. That's why I bought the game on PC earlier this year and loved every minute.
Now the game has come to the 3DS, and people want to know if there is a 10/10. I'll give you the answer to this question.



Developer: Terry Cavanagh, nical

Author: nical

Released: December 29, 2011 MSRP: $ 7.99

As you read the opinion of Anthony knows,


is the story of a space captain and his team lost in a strange landscape supernatural traitors. It is no coincidence that early in the game and the crew dispersed filaments, and that's you as Viridian Captain to save their compatriots before escaping this strange (and impressive) dimension. Viridian Captain must traverse a landscape where gravity is less than a law of nature, and more than one suggestion of nature, a suggestion that the good captain can interpret (and often ignored) in a variety of ways.

along the way, who will speak to your computer (if you can find) and unravel the story of this bizarre death trap potential by examining the texts found on multiple monitors located throughout the world game. There are a lot of dialogue here, especially for a platform game, but never long-term and difficult to chew. The writing is serious or funny, unpredictable, and the tone of mystery, despair and enthusiasm appropriate for a game where you escape from a space cartoon disaster is the main goal of the company .

As I mentioned in the introduction, the game looks like something from 25 years ago. Dating back to the days when the Commodore 64 was one of the gaming machines of the most powerful on the market, a time when technological and financial constraints practiced surrealism a requirement for most games. There was some surprise these days

captures perfectly. Leave little signs anthropomorphic spoken before flying flocks of red skeletons, a giant elephant light, the words fly as "YES" and "next", are among the many "characters" icon in the game. It's like Yellow Submarine by low resolution sprites, and I love it.

The music is also fantastic. As in the main game, which was never repeated in love and constant technical excellence. Stylistically, it's something like the classic

Mega Man film scores, but less melodic and beat driven, with an encouraging tone is the theme throughout. My only complaint about the music (and the rest of the game) is that it is the same. More on that later. game design is flawless, playing like a cross between Metroid

Super Meat Boy

. We work hard to be as linear as possible, and never on the basis of the same ideas for a long time, keeping the excitement coming at a steady pace. The game is constantly finding new ways to challenge your perception, from the game Return to the signature of gravity, and move on to the teleporters, winding paths, conveyor belts, trampolines, auto scrolling, funds, Pac-Man tunnels string style, and even handles the task of controlling two characters at a time. Not all of this material is completely original, but when combined with mechanical flawless round and closes the game, put in difficulty, and crafts in general, is treated as something special, and above all, very replayable.

Much of what makes Photo Photo VVVVVV Photo Photo so interesting is the way it asks you to analyze virtually all screens in the large and often non-linear game world map. As the largest platforms

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Did you know that you can download the main game now? It incredibly
practice! The only tricky part of it is to find good games to buy - and that's where we come with our Portabliss columns. For each delivery, we will tell you about a downloadable game on the iPhone, iPhone, Android, DS, 3DS, PSP, etc. Today:.

VVVVVV for 3DS is the best version of the game incredibly difficult platform Terry Cavanagh J 'I never played. But only because I have a good driver for my team.

far as I know, the 3DS version is identical to the PC version in almost every way: the same graphics C64-style, with a smile in black and white people cons (optional) flashes of funds in the geometric world even fully explored vast tracts of space, mazes impossible, and many peaks, the soundtrack even brilliant chiptune

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Stick-swinging, set out Move the spring of 2012.

Sony imposed a release date in spring 2012 in witchcraft, the movement of promise, in search of games shown at E3 2010.

"see the future of the PS3 avant-garde" in the December 14 issue

After a long absence from the focus of the game Metal Gear Solid: Rising looks finally set to reappear in the public arena.

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"Do not look at me, look down the road! That's how accidents happen .".

"God did not make Rambo. I I did. "That may be true, Trautman. But now, a game developer is on site.

dev designers Black Ops experts search for cod. "

In the news that will surprise absolutely no one, developer Treyarch Black Ops ramp seems to be developing the next call of duty.

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not waste time with the classic video game series. For example, will never be published action game featuring the mustachioed mascot Mario until a killer app, a showcase for the game of hardware platform. So what charge to bring designers Mario
Thurs unstable, apparently related to the size of backup files.

is widely reported that the players are running on PS3 Skyrim far behind when the game save files to overcome the 5-6 MB of hard drive of your console.

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Ocarina of Time 3D is also a good start in the U.S., but Red Faction and the shadows of the damned disappointing.

LA Noire games sold in the United States in June, according to data released yesterday by the NPD Group.

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Hard Drivin 'with show-thief SNES Sega.

Mega Drive! Master System! If one thing can be said for Sega, which has always had the right idea on the names. Well, until the Dreamcast, I'm not sure what happened with that.

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"It's an interesting approach that we have studied as well."

Crytek has confirmed that it seeks to support Flash in its development platform CryEngine, says Edge release a "true cross-platform solution" in the near future.

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"little extra time, Polish, and love," has not yet been implemented.

Twisted Metal for exclusive PS3 was delayed its release last October 4 target until "early 2012" to allow additional polishing, Eat Sleep Play co-founder David Jaffe said today.

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back is the card

After the release of GTA 5 trailer yesterday afternoon, many fans have speculated ears the voice narrating the trailer eagle belongs to none other than Ray Liotta, the one of our player and the voice of Tommy Vercetti in Vice City.

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Podtoid 153 records tomorow, get your Q's in! screenshot

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Something terrible happened to play with the drivers and try to fix it.

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Click here to read This Week in the Business: 'Sony Can Afford to Lower the Price of Vita'

rejoint la DANS les Etats officielle position de jeux Epic forums Lancer Éléments Hammerbust entre eux ne seront avatars Xbox Pas disponible à partir du 01 Janvier 2012. Ceux Qui Ont achete avant les articles Nouvelle annee au Clair et peuvent sont Garder les.

l'après Retrait

note lui le Hammerburst Lancer et partie d'UNE Nouvelle police Politique versez Qui est efficace "Avatar des articles Armes à feu que Téls" Dans Le Marché. Il Sembler cE n'est que vous Ajout DERNIER choisit un des LA LISTE may Ne Pas AVOIR Avatars ous faire. Joystiq

contacté Microsoft
versez Avons Noûs Obtenir Complète rejoint la liste des «comme armes" Produits à être de destinations Enlever.

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PlayStation La Vita

may still be months away for the world outside Japan, but that does not consider Sony Engadget Mobile . Our cohorts put the machine to the test and found it a great piece of play equipment with a solid screen, an interface control and smooth implementation. As 3DS, unfortunately, suffer from battery life very short - about three hours of live match and a maximum of five for media playback, and even social networks Joystiq

. Engadget for the full (and detailed) review, and stay tuned for Joystiq review in the coming days.

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Testament of Sherlock Holmes vid has a lovely ambiguity screenshot

I love a good mystery, and therefore, I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. I have not played a game yet I was made a really great put Holmes in a mystery, but The Testament of Sherlock Holmes that this trend can be broken. Check out the latest teaser for the title. Holmes is to paint a very negative, and even his dear friend Watson seems to have doubts about the best detective in London. I'm digging in the writing and acting here in a big way. In addition, there are guys who have their eyes sewn and it's always a good time to arrive.

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deep says the "vast majority" of copies of terror and survival zombie game sold by the players.

Deep Silver and Techland are an admirable job supporting their brand of an outbreak of zombies.

Game Informer

announced today that the action survival horror Dead Island game has sold 3 million units since its launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in early September.

No lurching slow sales of Dead Island. Talking to GameSpot, a representative from Deep Silver, said retailers sold to consumers, "a majority" of 3 million people on the island of units sold. "As a policy, actively working with retailers to maintain stock levels and we do not flood the market with high demand products to sell only the numbers," said the representative. island proved a dead engine faster the gate, Deep Silver announced a week after the release of the game had already shipped 1 million units. After making a surprise showing in the charts in September NPD U.S. retail sales, the parent company GameStop Game Informer described the game as one of the most sold in the quarter July to September. Located in a resort, Dead Island tells the story of civilians trapped in a daily zombie Apocalypse. Players can choose from four character classes, which break down the leader, the tank, hands-on operations-all, and deadly archetypes. The characters begin the same way - suddenly attacked by zombies in the hotel on the island, overthrown, and dragged him to a house near the pool becomes a refuge. first game to download add-on, bloodshed Arena saw the release last month. For more information, check out GameSpot review of Dead Island.


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[Platform: Flash] Name Hashi, the Japanese logic puzzle, stands for
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Escritor Principales de la volición de de de Drew Holmes, Quien ha trabajado en Red Faction: Armageddon y Saints Row: The Third, Sí Sienta Con Dan Chiappini párrafo discutir El Proceso de escritura del juego.

Leer y Escribir comentarios | Obtener EL ARTÍCULO Completo en GameSpot

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The game is finally out, and take a look behind the curtain in the development of two mid-watch this match as expected.

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