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Unorthodox spin-off to WWII shooter franchise anchor a lineup, including Assassin 's Creed: Revelations, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Just Dance, and much more.

LOS ANGELES - When Ubisoft takes the stage at the Los Angeles Theatre stage as part of the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo on Monday, there are a few issues, everyone knows contact the publisher.

Ubisoft is definitely more to say Ezio 's latest exploits.

The newly announced Assassin 's Creed: Revelations will be seen clearly, as well as the recently delayed - and possibly activated Kinect - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. "Infantryman of the future, it also seems like a real assurance that Ubisoft is a lot of thoughts about his burgeoning rhythm genre catalog share, particularly as it relates to the Just Dance franchise.

Of course, Ubisoft could also offer some surprises. The publisher has yet to return since I Am Alive unveiling it with great fanfare at E3 2008. 2008 was also the year, Ubisoft announced and then went Beyond Good and Evil 2 dark. Ubisoft also has a number of dormant franchises, including Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and Far Cry. Plus, isn 't Jade Raymond is working on something in Toronto?

The true joy - it was ironic or otherwise - will see if Ubisoft once the industry starts off guard with a little crazy in 2011. More Laser Tag hijinks, perhaps?

[2:27] EA 's press conference concluded, media and industry insiders scurry down LA' run-down South Broadway at the Los Angeles Theater en.

[2:28] Ubisoft is no stranger to the LA theater and his detailed work of the gargoyles and fallen angels, as it considers it has its E3 media briefing in the same hall for the last few years instead.

[2:28] What 's new this year? Well, for one, Ubisoft won 't be picking up the tab for the soup' s Joel McHale, the host of the event in 2009 and 2010.

[2:29] As for new games (and toys?), we'll have to wait about two more minutes, as Ubisoft intends to start this show on time.

[2.30] to see how each witness GameSpot 's live stream can be, the music pretty loud.

[02:30] The lights go out and enjoy!

[02:31] Ubisoft things start to sizzle a bit role, showing off Tom Clancy games, Rabbids, Rayman, Just Dance, Assassin 's Creed and other top properties from the publisher.

[02:31] The publisher is, of course, celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year.

[2:31] Ubisoft CEO and cofounder Yves Guillemot takes the stage.

[02:32] Guillemot welcomes the audience and said that was when he created this company in 1986 with his brothers, he said his primary motivation is to work with great people to great IPs.

[02:32] "Thank you all for all the support over the years," he says.

Let 's get this show started! Yves, take it away.

[02:33] Guillemot says he looks forward to creating the next 25 years of entertainment "with all of you," and then on to the stage welcomes the creator of the original Rayman, Michel Ancel.

[02:33] He is here to talk about Rayman Origins.

[2:33] Ancel begans to act out Shakespeare's Macbeth, in honor of the gothic stage.

[02:34] David Punset, senior programmer on Rayman Origins occurs Ancel on stage.

[02:34] Ancel says that this game is a way to revive is his love for the medium again.

[02:35] The colorful 2D side-scrolling platformer enters the stage.

[2.35] And Rayman is off, jump through the levels in the classic Rayman fashion.

[02:36] He 's dodge a spinning wheel with dangerous spikes, while connected by an amorphous blue creature.

[02:36] Tetris music starts to play and win Rayman and his friend with the hook blog for sale on a high platform.

Rayman Origins in action.

[02:37] The game is definitely a goofy aesthetic, navigate with Rayman and his friend waving arms to wild on stage and dangerous enemies yet charming on the screen.

[02:38] The next stage sees Rayman and co. Swimming in the sea, dodging jellyfish and Blowfish equally

[02:38] When they make their way through underwater passages, they follow a Cycloptic chest full ... what? It remains to be seen.

[02:38] This game definitely has a bent heavy slapstick, like Rayman and his friend on the screen to go through a Three Stooges routine.

[2:39] On to the next level, and a flying pirate ship stands against a snow-covered peaks. Rayman and his blue friend then jumped into a flying machine of some sort, and the game takes a Gradius-style gameplay.

[2:40] Rayman's machine allows him to suck up bombs discharged by the pirate ship, as they continue their chase for the cycloptic chest, which is onboard the vessel.

A snowy landscape in Rayman Origins.

[02:41] After puncture of a giant red ball, the whole ship explodes, and Rayman, his blue friend, and the breast are at a stage that an uncanny resemblance to the LA Theatre 's stage show with.

[02:41] Ancel is following up its presentation opened the chest, and jump inside a 25-year anniversary tribute to Ubisoft, with many of his memorable characters faces.

[02:42] Aaron Priceman now enters the stage, also known as "Mr. caffeine." He definitely seems caffeinated.

[02:42] He 's apparently a spokesman for the possible ... Joel McHale replacement.

[02:42] He 's offers a retrospective of the past 25 years shows, Top Gun, and Bon Jovi and Bill Gates in the 80s.

[02:43] Atari, NES, Sega and 's Master system also receive their necessary connectors.

Because why not?

[02:43] He 's now talk "Gaming is an adventure."

[2:44] He's talking about "high-definition" brands, rolling a trailer for Driver.

[02:44] Only this trailer is a stylized, 25-year anniversary tribute, so that the low-rez graphics on the page.

[02:45] Priceman then intros the real trailer for Driver: San Francisco, the development is at Reflections.

[02:45] The game is set in San Francisco and sees players driving around in a Shelby GT.

[02:46] The stunt racing game heavy shows different destinations around San Francisco, as criminal Hunter 's Point and Chinatown.

[2:47] shown Other hot rides, including Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

[2:47] Priceman is now back and said that can single-player, multiplayer and a 1970 Dodge Challenger at Ubisoft 's to see status.

Welcome to San Francisco!

[02:48] He now leads Dan Hay and Jamie Keen, from Ubisoft Montreal.

[2:49] He's here to talk about…

[2.49] remains unclear.

[02:49] A gameplay trailer rolls that filled a tropical rain forest with paramilitaries and captured prisoners.

[02:49] AK-47 are in abundance.

[02:49] One of the military forces will capture a prisoner.

[02:50] The man has a camera and shoot pictures.

[02:50] He 's recognized, however, and is laced with a madman with a mohawk with profanity-spouting philosophy.

[2.51] He apparently has a temper, and his henchmen in the background of a captured person to throw off a cliff, in a very cold manner, without regard for life.

Who 's this crazy character?

[02:52] The leader then enters a cement block that 'to the man in a ravine filled with water bound.

[02:52] There are numerous others dead, with him under water.

[02:52] He fights, and manages to escape, almost darkness.

[02:52] Freed, he is swimming through an underwater cave for a violation of the water 's surface.

[2:52] He comes out behind a waterfall, snapping the neck of one of the rebels and stealing his weapon.

[02:53] It seems to set in Central or South America, judging by the stone carvings and statues.

[02:53] The man sees a helicopter, but between him and there are many enemy fighters.

[2:53] He begins to sneak through the camp, stabbing one with his own knife, and then another fall with a silenced pistol.

Well armed.

[2:54] The fighters are realistic running around camping, body disposal as they see fit.

[2:54] The man opened fire on them with a machine gun, blowing up explosive barrels and devastate the village.

[2:54] He jumps into the helicopter, forcing the pilot to fly.

[02:55] But no, he isn 't make it, as more and more fighters opened fire started on the chopper.

[02:55] He collapsed, and the man escapes. He comes, however, and before him is the crazy leader from before.

[02:55] Far Cry 3!

[02:55] It 's coming in 2012.

[02:56] to see more on the stand. GameSpot will be all over this.

[02:56] Now Ubisoft is inviting Randy Pitchford on the stage, president of Gearbox Software.

Far Cry 3 coming in 2012.

[2.56] Here 's here to talk about Brothers in Arms, it sounds like.

[02:57] Pitchford says that the franchise is about authentic recreations of battles of World War II.

[02:57] He says that Ubisoft she challenged a completely new approach to take the war genre.

[2.57] And they took up the challenge. He says there is a group of soldiers, whose favorite thing in the world to follow "kicking ass Nazi."

[02:58] He is "The Furious Four."

[2:58] A trailer starts to play, shows a Nazi pump room, an invasion of Inglourious Basterds-like characters.

[02:59] You start the Nazis with axes, rail guns and other weapons to kill absurd.

[02:59] Brother in Arms Furious 4 is the name of the game, and it 's coming in 2012.

[2:59] The brief trailer ends, and Priceman is back.

[03:00] He is "the next movie-inspired game" Tintin.

The next game Brothers in Arms is quite a variety.

[3:00] Steven Spielberg is shown on screen, saying why he likes Tintin.

[03:01] Peter Jackson will be talking to Tintin also interviewed.

[03:01] A lot of concept art is shown, although it's not clear whether it '\ s for the movie or the game.

[03:01] Bunt, Moroccoan style art in the first place. Spielberg shows that the game be in 3D.

Spielberg here talking Tintin.

[03:02] The game is now shown as Tintin shown fighting on board a steam liner.

[03:02] Tim and his dog navigate levels by crawling through passages in 3D platforming action, occasionally defeating enemies along the way.

[3.03] Coming soon: The Adventures of Tintin: The Game.

[03:03] Priceman is back, and said his 10-year anniversary of the Tom Clancy Ghost Recon brand.

[03:04] Priceman then offers a different role teaser of what Ghost Recon would have looked like 25 years ago, and it looks a lot like Bullfrog 's classic Syndicate, actually.

[03:04] Now he leads Tommy James and Roman Campos Oriola talk about Ghost Recon "Infantryman of the future.

[03:05] Oriola is on hand to give a live gameplay presentation.

[3:05] Onscreen, a group of ghosts that arise from a boggy marsh in Nigeria.

[3.06] Like Far Cry 3 militants are the enemy.

[03:06] The Future Soldier member is readily apparent in the game 's HUD, as the team of Ghosts perfectly coordinate the deaths of the militants.

[3:06] They rescue a Nigerian woman who is hiding over a shack in the village.


[3:07] The screen then breaks into four panels, one for each view of the Ghost team.

[03:07] As they work through the village, they identify more fighters, while trying to avoid the innocent villagers.

[03:08] The team yells repeatedly to the villagers: "Move, get out of here".

[3:08] They head to an Oil Harbor, and then initiate an overhead map that shows the militants' compound.

[03:09] A drone glance, you can see what the enemies on the ground.

[03:09] use of active camouflage leaves the team in the militant compound.

[03:09] The screen breaks into four again, showing various team members to conclude militants in silence.

[03:09] All the lock on a target and run the four fighters in the same breath.

[3:10], that creates an open gun battle, as the ghosts hiding behind barricades, lobbing grenades and the exchange of gunfire.

Snappin 'a few necks.

[03:11] They eventually neutralize all the targets before reaching their target in a shipping container.

[03:11] It seems to be a man who must be kept as hostages. A chopper will fall more enemies in the connection.

This field must hurt!

[3:12] The ghost flames, sporting weapons with one hand and accompany the VIP with the others.

[3:12] take cover, and a "thermobaric charge" is dropped in, the removal of the helicopters and enemy combatants alike.

[3:13] The spirits appear to be safe, and ends the demo.

[3:13] Ubisoft Singapore is now talking about Ghost Recon Online, which will be free to play.

[3:14] A trailer rolls, showing multiplayer maps.

[03:14] What seems to have a version of Ghost Recon 's multiplayer mode is displayed.

[3.15] It is definitely doesn 't have the visual fidelity of the infantryman of the future.

[3.15] It is coming to the PC only, but players can transfer their benefits from Ghost Recon Online to the Future Soldier, and vice versa.

[03:16] Priceman now moves to the second pillar of Ubisoft 's presentation: "share".

[03:17] Adrienne Pechere and Anne Blondel-Jouin on stage.

[3:17] The two work for Nadeo.

[03:17] These are the introduction track mania 2

[03:18] Available for PC say they find out that this racing game is highly customizable, that can be played for minutes or hours.

[3:18] A trailer rolls in-game footage, created the website of players.

Now for cars!

[03:19] A track is built in a canyon, take pieces at a time and then three high-octane racing car on it.

[3:20] Another title is displayed, where perhaps 20 or 30 cars through an underground cave race.

[3:26] Just Dance 3 is coming this year, and Priceman rolls a trailer.

[03:28] He narrowed the release date to 11 Just Dance October for 3 on all platforms.

[03:29] Now he 's, Rock Smith, Ubisoft talk' s "authentic" guitar playing.

[03:29] It 's all about "Turning to the hard work of learning the guitar in a game."

[3:30] A trailer rolls, talking with professional guitarists and guitar makers, as well Rocksmith is to teach humans how to play the guitar.

[03:31] The game comes out this fall.

[3:33] Key is off and Priceman is on.

[03:43] He from a friend, who kill the guards before they have control of a flame-throwing device was connected helps.

[03:43] The destruction takes place, as Ezio sets fire to the whole port.

[03:43] His wanton destruction, however, is disturbed when a cannon ball shot directly to it.

[03:44] He survived, of course, but now, all vessels, he 's move to escape in a fire.

[03:44] When he hops from a hectic flaming debris to the next, he finds his way to a building that isn 't on fire.

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