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Live show: Mash Tactics plays Moon Diver screenshot

Moon Divers What a wonderful name! Today on Mash Tactics we are jumping and cutting our way into this title, to be Xbox Live and PlayStation Network . You can contact us out every weekday at 4PM PST on Justin TV. We'll get this game for the first time just in time to see our first impressions.

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Killian uses an electric element called Bolos to offenders on the run and then a quick shot from his gun, to send it into the next life. He 's been informed that the premium has landed in his account, and then he moves on.

We 're told that what we have just experienced is an example of what Human Head calls "ambient bounties". These are essentially side missions can intervene in the player, if they 're not in a rush to the core missions just to deal with yet. You 've got another free-roaming options as well. They can engage in a fist fight and the poor soul getting pummeled, they can earn some quick money. You can mug people for money. You can strangers on the side of the Bowery 's many leading platforms and sends it falls to her death.

It 'sa backstop to the player with too much chaos, a floating robot descends disc called "Eye in the Sky" and scans them as a warning when they' re behaving badly. We 're saying is that players who run rampant through this automated inevitably attacked police officers, and if that weren' t enough, they 'll also be treated reinforcements. In other words, play nice, or the city 's security system will GTA Five-star wanted level on you.

Another nice touch is that the player can holster their weapon. This may not sound like much, but it gives the game a very realistic tone. Not only does the player 's interaction with the city to feel authentic, because they' re not draw around with a massive weapon in the HUD at all times, but if the players choose their weapons, it causes a reaction in the NPCs in their vicinity. Some cower away, while others are threatening to turn the player. In Prey 2, it pays to keep iron at your side when you really need to use it.

Expected after such a short demonstration of the freedom players can launch the demo into a core task. Killian received a call that an alien named Dra 'Gar, who has placed a considerable bounty on him, is in his vicinity. Dra 'Gar' s exact location is unknown, but Killian 's contractor has a tip, an informant called the crux of his whereabouts can know. They would also like to Dra 'Gar brought alive.

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"It 's an element of self-justification goes into gaming at the moment," said Raymond Boyle, a professor of communication studies at the University of Glasgow' s Centre for Cultural Policy Research. "As the industry and to prove its commercial value and their influence on political decision makers, they want to accept the people that they're not just a sausage factory, that it '\. S an integrity check and an art, what to do you begin to crave acceptance, a place in the broader cultural table. The Nintendo generation has grown up, and annoy them about the general perception of a player to be incomplete, geeky teenager. "

Brooker is obviously not alone in believing that with the atmospheric thriller LA Noire publishers Rockstar has succeeded not only in competition with mainstream Hollywood quality, but "embarrassing" it. But the console-centric lobby to play their hand, with a view of the elements of the film, in artistic terms, can not keep up with video games? Geoff Andrew, head of the film program at BFI Southbank thinks so. "It 's sad but true that a number of recent Hollywood product is on the level of play increased, simply offer an exciting graphics set piece after another," he says. "But when you look outside the box, you will find films that do not just think about the production of excitement, but the people in new ways about the world in which they live, asking how the story it tells what the authors try to tell them or what questions they ask 're \. "

When Andrew sees the equation is simple, and their implications clearly. Turning a film into a game requires "cut" to the conversion of a game to a film requires "concrete it". Andrew says: "Hitchcock knew how to push buttons, his idea of" pure cinema '\ was frightening about us But he went beyond, why has a movie like Vertigo a sense of mystery and poetry, we \. . trying to understand why this man so he thinks someone with rebuilding is dead, not only how he can do it, that's what the game would be obsessed.

"From a movie like The White Ribbon -... Think It 's quite impossible to think of this as a game, if so, it would probably be a thriller or something worse, a game where you kill people off, but their whole resonance comes from its political importance, its historical associations, the ambiguity and psychological complexity of IT. you couldn 't find that in a game. "

The argument that plays a unique immersive experience is a relatively old, but it 's won praise as a game such as heavy rain and LA Noire have got smarter, in both intellectual and emotional intelligence. (While we 's not get carried away: LA Noire' s manual contains information such as:. ". A person who lies often avoid direct eye contact" Duh)

This voluntary disarmament, the artistic equivalent of what Boyle likens to "being on a plane and putting your life into the hands of a pilot", is a crucial aspect of cinema's power, particularly if we are in the hands of a master film-maker of the commercial idiom, such as Christopher Nolan, who can combine mainstream flash and nudge us not just to think, which games such as LA Noire or Portal 2 can certainly do, but to reflect over time. Nolan's dark, difficult Inception is also the 25th highest-grossing film of all time, a poke in the eye for those who contend that smart, challenging films don't make big money any more.

"We recently revived The Big Sleep, a classic film noir, at the BFI," says Andrew. "It has a very strong, eventful narrative, but that's not the joy of the film. It's not just a thriller, it's also a love story and a comedy. And that sheer chemistry between Bogart and Bacall – that's something you could never get in a game."

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Free App of the Day: Cow Trouble screenshot

It's a fun game that might not be everybody's kind of thing, but it's free so why not give it a try by grabbing it here?

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Click here to read <em></em><SPAN class=play_icon></SPAN></DIV></DIV>Whenever a Gameloft title hits the iPhone I play a little game before the game: I try and guess what popular console game it's trying to mimic. More ? <BR style=

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New releases: Shadows of the Damned, Zelda 3D and more screenshot

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is featured this week and that 's great! But I 'm so excited for more Shadows of the Damned. I 've been hearing mixed things about it, but I don' t worry. I would like Suda 51 Goodness!

Otherwise, this week we got F.3.AR which could be good. What 's looking sw33t you all?

PC: Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Dungeon Siege III , Cars 2: The Video Game ,

X360: LA Noire: Nicholson electroplating Disaster (DLC), Shadows of the Damned , F.3.A.R

(DLC), ,

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Cars 2: The Video Game

Wii: Cars 2: The Video Game

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

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more videos like this

Cars 2: The Video Game (X360, PS3, Wii, PC, DS)


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Kazuma Kiryu gets all patriotic in Yakuza of the End screenshot

Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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E3: Ubisoft and Gibson announce $200 Rocksmith bundle screenshot

Today was the 96th Birthday of Les Paul, inventor of the electric guitar to have. Google is celebrating the occasion with one of his best "Google Doodles 'ever, an interactive e-guitar played in the G major scale, while Ubisoft and Gibson have a partnership, an Epiphone Les Paul Custom guitar with the publishers of video games bundle announced 's guitar learning software Rock Smith .

The bundle, which will retail for $199.99, includes the game, the guitar, and a special 1/4"-to-USB cable that was developed specifically for Rock Smith . The cable can be any electric guitar into play plug - it translates \ a guitar's analog signal into a digital, that read the software. For people who already have their own guitar, Ubisoft will also sell a game / cable bundle for $ 79.99.

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