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09/20/2010 Shippin' Out Sept. 19-25: Civilization V

S Sid Meier 'latest PC strategy titles Sim relatively light week as Final Fantasy XIV Online early access to open and peeling of the F1 2010.

It's unlikely that any new release will be able to match last week's top earner, Halo: Reach, which earned Microsoft an eyebrow-raising $200 million within 24 hoursrelease. Of course that 'S is hardly going to stop any of this week' S contenders from trying.

Those who do not buy civilization V will get a very stern look from this man.

For many gamers, the headliner this week is Sid Meier 'S Civilization V, from Take-Two' S recent Trimmed strategy studio Firaxis. Built on an all-new engine, Civ V updates the series with a hexagonal playfield grid. Firaxis has also overhauled the game's combat system and introduced ranged bombardment options, animated world leaders who speak in their own languages, and a built-in community hub, allowing players to swap scenarios and other content without leaving the game.

Final Fantasy XIV Online will be set in the realm of Eorzea, a world not seen before in any other installments in the franchise. Like in other massively multiplayer online role-playing games, players will be able to explore the realm after selecting from a variety of races, combat classes, and professional skills. More information on Eorzea's lore and backstory can be found on the game's Web site.

The week will also see Codemasters' first effort in the F1 racing circuit on high-definition consoles take to the track. Slated to arrive for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, F1 2010 features all the drivers, teams, cars, and tracks from the 2010 Formula One season. Gamers can also expect to see damage modeling, dynamic weather systems, and online multiplayer options, in addition to a host of single-player career, time trial, championship, and grand prix modes.

The rest of the week brings a hodgepodge of other new releases. Atlus will be rolled out its latest hardcore RPG Etrian Odyssey III: Drowned City for the DS, while Konami gives Gormiti: Lords of nature on both Nintendo 'S platforms. S Calypso 'recent Government and Urban Development Patricia Sim IV also arrived for the PC.

For more information on the week 'S games, visit GameSpot' S New Releases page. The full list of downloadable games on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Wii Shop Channel will be revealed later this week. Release dates are based on retailer listings and are subject to change.

Monday, September 20
Chicken Blaster with Nintendo Wii Rifle--WII--Zoo Games

Tuesday, September 21
Club Penguin Game Day!--WII--Disney Interactive Studios
DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue--PS3--EA Partners
Dreamworks Party Pack--DS--Activision
Etrian Odyssey III: Drowned cities - DS - Atlus Co.
F1 2010 - X360, PS3, PC - Codemasters
Farm Frenzy: Animal Country - DS - City Interactive
Final collector XIV Fantasy 'S Edition - Square Enix - PC
Gormiti: Lords of Nature - Wii, DS - Konami
High Velocity Bowling (Move Edition)--PS3--SCEA
Jewels of the Tropical Lost Island--DS--City Interactive
Midnight Mysteries: Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy - DS - MumboJumbo
New Carnival Games--WII, DS--2K Games
Painkiller Pandemonium - PC - Dreamcatcher
Patricia IV - PC - Calypso
Planet Minigolf: Stronghold Island--PS3--Zen Studios
Sid Meier's Civilization V--PC--2K Games
Sonic Adventure - PS3 - Sega
Tinker Bell and the Great Rescue Fairy - DS - Disney Interactive
World Golf 2011--PC--Atari

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue--X360--EA Partners


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09/24/2010 \\ "Shift extended" is coming to PlayStation Minis
Another iPhone port is coming to the Mini for PSP and PS3. Shift Advanced is -- you probably guessed it -- an extended version of Shift, Platformer released as a free flash game and later made available on the App Store. Fishing Cactus is handling the port, which will "offer no less than double the content of the iPhone version." Also new to the PSN version is D-pad support, a rather crucial feature for a platforming game.

Shift is expected to arrive on the PlayStation Store by year's end.

Gallery: Shift Extended (PlayStation Minis)

Joystiq'Shift Extended' coming to PlayStation Minisoriginally appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 24 Sep 2010 02:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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09/17/2010 Pirates Of The Burning Sea Switching To Free-To-Play Model

Days after launching its Power & Prestige expansion for Pirates of the Burning Sea, Flying Lab Software announced that the MMORPG will switch from a subscription-based model to free-to-play. Published by Sony Online Entertainment in North America and Europe, Pirates of the Burning Sea is a sailing/swashbuckling-themed online game set in the early 18th century and centered around three nations: England, France, and Spain (players can also join a Pirates faction). Flying Lab intends to ...

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09/17/2010 OpenFeint Support Now Available on Android Devices After plans were revealed to expand its gaming "ecosystem" in July, tech developer Aurora Feint has launched OpenFeint

Platform OpenFeint has support for iPhone titles, giving players a set of social and metagaming functions, such as leadership and accomplishments.

Developer Aurora Feint is currently working to enable cross-platform voice chat and real-time multiplayer. An update for the features is expected sometime later this year.

Since the move to Android was first announced, Apple has launched its own gaming platform, dubbed Game Center. Similar to Aurora Feint's own gaming ecosystem, Apple's multiplayer-focused application inclu...

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09/13/2010 Recettear: An Item Shop's TalePlatform: Download (Windows) — Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale Tagged as: action, carpefulgur, demo, download, Easygamestation , game, Indi , rating-y, rpg, simulation, windows

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07/20/2010 38 Studios Revealing Big Huge RPG Kingdoms of Amalur At Comic Con

Gamers will get their first look at Big Huge Games Studios and 38 'console RPG this week in San-Con Diego Comic panel depicting the project' s tip: Big Huge Lead Designer Ken Rolston, known for the Elder Scrolls 'Morrowind and Oblivion parts; fantasy author RA Salvatore, artist Todd McFarlane (Spawn) and 38 Studios founder Curt Schilling. One player's PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 RPG formerly known as Project Mercury will ...

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07/03/2010 Japanese Xbox 360 Sales Rise On 'Slim' Hardware, Monster Hunter

A new smaller form factor and Monster Hunter Frontier Online helped raise weekly Japanese Xbox 360 sales week-over-week, tracking firm Media Create revealed Friday. For the week ended June 27, the console sold 17,370, up from 2,060 units the prior week. Xbox 360 also had the top-selling game for the week with Capcom's Monster Hunter Frontier Online, an MMORPG based on the popular Monster Hunter franchise. Monster Hunter Frontier Online originally launched on PC in ...

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07/03/2010 Japanese Xbox 360 Sales Rise On 'Slim' Hardware, Monster Hunter

A new smaller form factor and Monster Hunter Frontier Online helped raise weekly Japanese Xbox 360 sales week-over-week, tracking firm Media Create revealed Friday. For the week ended June 27, the console sold 17,370, up from 2,060 units the prior week. Xbox 360 also had the top-selling game for the week with Capcom's Monster Hunter Frontier Online, an MMORPG based on the popular Monster Hunter franchise. Monster Hunter Frontier Online originally launched on PC in ...

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09/03/2010 Little Protectors Platform: Flash — Little ProtectorsLatest in a series of Undefined Protector can not be what you expect, but it still has all the strategy and fantasy you like. Use your skills to protect the tower to protect the charming land with a charming warrior against the forces of darkness adorable. Believe me, it 'S adorable. Tagged as: browser, fantasy, Flash , free, game, macwinlinux, protector, rating-y, rpg, strategy, Towerdefense , undefined, upgrades

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06/29/2010 Epos Platform: Flash — Epos Looking for a fight? Then try on the highly polished, turn-based combat oriented RPG from MINTgames. Former soldier Tradda just wants to live a peaceful life, but his King has one last mission from him and will not be denied. Journey across a massive map battling dozens of monsters and fiends in your quest to bring down a traitor.Tagged as: achieve , adventure, browser, ebrown, fantasy, Flash , free, game, Jjohnson , macwinlinux, mintgames, Rate-O , rpg, turnbased

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08/28/2010 Choice of the Vampire Choice of the Vampire In the mid-1800s, the country trembles on the verge of change, a great war that will shape the outcome of the future... but for you, the world of mortals is the least of your concern, when you find yourself having caught the eye of someone less (or more) than entirely human. In this remarkably deep and ambitious text RPG adventure with multiple paths and endings, set out on your journey as a fledgling vampire. Just remember that as powerful as you might think you are, there is always danger around you... especially in those close to you... Tagged as: browser, choiceofgames, dhtml, Free , game, macwinlinux, narrative, Rate-O , rpg, Text

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09/16/2010 Ninokuni: Shikkoku no Madoushi Hands-On

We learn how Oliver gets in the world Ninokuni.

Last year we were able to play demo of Ninokuni: Shikkoku no Madoushi and mess around with the properties of the magic book that plays an important role in the game. At the time we didn't have much of an idea of what the game was about and what we were doing in this magnificent forest. This year at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, we were able see the game from the beginning and find out how the young boy Oliver winds up in Ninokuni. While the PlayStation 3 demo was more action oriented, we did get to see some of the differences between the two versions. We're pleased to see that the collaboration between Level 5 and Studio Ghibli is coming along nicely.

We were limited to 15 minutes and most of that time was spent watching nicely animated cutscenes. This was likely the beginning of the game, where we see Oliver run to a nearby convenience store to pick up some items for his mother. Through the animation and expressions of the characters, it was fairly easy to understand what was going on. We were able to control Oliver using the stylus or the D pad. With the stylus, you draw a line on the touch screen and hold it in the direction you want him to go. An arrow on the map in the top screen will let you know where you should be heading.

After heading home, we sat down to eat a sandwich that our mothers have been prepared. If you 're worried about story spoilers, then you can stop reading now and read the PS3 hands-on

His mom must have some kind of sixth sense, as she wakes up from a dream of her son falling into oblivion and runs to his room to check on him. When she sees that he's missing, she takes off and eventually finds him struggling in the water. She jumps in and saves him, but unfortunately after he's safe and sound, she suddenly keels over and dies from a heart attack.

To date, our 15 minutes were up, so we opened up from the demo area, but through all the demos we've seen, we are able to piece together the story and gameplay. This can be awihle before we can see it all in English, but Ninokuni: Shikkoku Madoushi not going to be released in Japan on December 9.

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08/11/2010 Double Fine Announces Its First Downloadable Title: Costume Quest

Double Fine Productions, the studio behind Tim Schafer's Brutal Legend and Psychonauts, has announced Costume Quest, the studio's first departure from large-scale retail games. Costume Quest is a downloadable Halloween-based adventure RPG for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and features a combat system in which children transform into giant, fantastical versions of their costumes, as well as quests that are more grounded in reality. Tasha Harris, Double Fine lead animator, will lead the project, with ...

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07/14/2010 The Last Story may be Sakaguchi's final game

The Last Story may be Sakaguchi's final game screenshot

Final Fantasy creator, Mistwalker head and RPG legend Hironobu Sakaguchi has stated that he may very well be retiring from the scene after Last story . Pay close attention to this exclusive Wii, because it can be an icon 'swan song.

"This is a title that myself and the development staff are putting 120% of our energy into," says Sakaguchi. "I'm fully pouring everything into this one title, and the feeling of it maybe being my last title is strong."

Speaking as a fan of Mistwalker, this is pretty big news, and it makes The Last Story even more interesting. This RPG is definitely in my top five most wanted Wii games right now, and I really hope that, if this is going to be Sakaguchi's last, that he goes out with a bang. 

Of course, Sakaguchi had also planned to retire after the first Final FantasyAnd we all saw how he stood his ground there.

Sakaguchi Putting 120% Into The Last Story [Andria Sang]

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08/01/2010 RecettearPlatform: Download (Windows) — Recettear Originally released in Japan back in 2007, Recettear is the story of an item shop, a girl, and a fairy. Recette's father took out a loan and then skipped town, leaving her to pay off the debt. Soon, she meets Tear, a fairy who is as persistent as she is... well, persistent. She teaches Recette to run an item shop out of her house, purchasing stock for adventurers who head out into the world to slay monsters. Buy and sell swords, shields, food products and more, haggling with each customer and placing items in ideal locations to attract business.Tagged as: carpefulgur , demo, download, Easygamestation , game, indie, Top-y , RPG , Simulation , windows

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07/08/2010 Mardek RPG Platform: Flash Mardek RPG In 2007, Mardek set a new standard for flash RPG gaming. Now, fans of the series can rejoice as not only the latest installment finally sees the light of day, but the previous titles begin a significant overhaul. The turn-based fantasy themed tale centers around Mardek, a hero who starts off the series with the modest hero-type ambition of rescuing a princess from a dragon, and winds up... well, you'll see.Tagged as: browser, epic, flash, Free , game, macwinlinux, Mardek , Narrative , pseudolonewolf, rating-y, RPG , strategy, turnbased

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07/16/2010 Jagex: We Had to Self-Publish

Speaking at the Develop conference this week, Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard said that it became a self-publisher out of necessity after several big time publishers basically told them "f**k you."

The company responsible for the ultra popular browser-based MMORPG RuneScape said that it approached Electronic Arts and Activision, but were soundly rejected. Even after its game became a massive hit, publishers spurned them.

\\ "We went to the publishers as Activision and EA, and said that 've a great browser game, and they said fuck' in '," was shown on Gerhard Development conference in Brighton. "We came back and said, 've got millions of users and they said garbage' '. Necessity forced us to become a publisher. "

Gerhard said that, despite those hurdles, the company managed to do well; in 2005 Sony was willing to invest in the company. That's a a long way from being ignored by EA and Activision. Besides publishing RuneScape and casual games through the FunOrb portal, Jagex is also releasing titles such as War of Legends, which is "125 percent over target on revenues," according to Gerhard. More

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08/11/2010 Interview: Nexon's Kim On Western Expansion, Cultivating A Dedicated Audience

South Korean-headquartered MMO developer and publisher Nexon is best known for its Eastern-developed free-to-play online games, such as the popular RPG MapleStory and the action-based Dungeon Fighter Online. Recently, Nexon has broadened its development efforts in Asian markets, and has acquired several Korean development studios including NDoors and GameHi. The company's U.S. branch, Nexon America, localizes and publishes Nexon's games, bringing the free-to-play model that was popularized in Asian markets into the West. Despite Nexon's ...

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วันเสาร์ที่ 11 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2553
09/06/2010 Academagia: Making Magicians Platform: Download (Windows) Academagia: The Making of Mages The road to magical greatness is difficult, littered with dragons, enchantments, adventure... not to mention test scores, rival students, detentions, and trying to keep your ghostly familiar in check. This incredibly ambitious text adventure from Black Chicken Studios is one part life simulator, one part fantasy RPG, and a whole lot of fun if you have the patience to let yourself become immersed in the tale of the making of the greatest mage of all time... you. Tagged as: blackchickenstudios, Download , fantasy, game, indie, Interactivefiction , narrative, rating-y, rpg, sim, text, Windows

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09/06/2010 These Ni no Kuni commercials are a big tease

I hope you haven't forgotten about Ni no Kuni, Magic level-5 RPG with animations do Studio Ghibli, which Colette's all wet . If so, here's your reminder that the game will hit Japanese shelves this December and that we foolish gaijin still don't have a release date. Don't play like that, dudes!

The two commercials above don't show any gameplay footage, only torturous carrot-dangling. The first one says, \\ "This winter, 's ultimate fantasy, a dream of staff," as a pencil animation were awash in a sea of flowers. 1 second talks about the game 's reservation is a magical book that we never see here. Uggggggggh!

Remember, these ads are only for the DS version. The PS3 version won't arrive until some time next year. Can you control your emissions?

Ni no Kuni: The Commercial [Andriasang]

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08/31/2010 Parody RPG Fantasy University Targets Serious Facebook GamersThough Facebook games have a reputation for being addictive, they're also seen as far too simple to satisfy the serious gamer. David Whatley, president and CEO of Simutronics, hopes that his company's new game will live up to the rigorous standards of the hard-core.

RPG iPhone
วันศุกร์ที่ 10 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2553
08/31/2010 Parody RPG Fantasy University Targets Serious Facebook Gamers Though Facebook games have a reputation for being addictive, they're also seen as far too simple to satisfy the serious gamer. David Whatley, president and CEO of Simutronics, hopes that his company's new game will live up to the rigorous standards of the hard-core.

RPG iPhone
วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 9 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2553
08/31/2010 Fantasy RPG Parody Aims University of serious gamers Facebook While Facebook games have a reputation for being addictive, they again 'is also seen as too simple to satisfy the serious gamer. David Whatley, President and CEO of Simutronics, hopes that his company 's new game will live up to strict standards of hardcore.

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วันพุธที่ 8 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2553
09/01/2010 Apple 's Game Center debuts next week Apple released the iPhone / IPod equivalent of Xbox Live, known as a game center, next week in the last update of mobile device operating system '.

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วันอังคารที่ 7 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2553
09/06/2010 MapleStory: Thief Edition Dominates Apple App Store

Nexon America's Maple Story is a very popular franchise as an MMO, but how does it fare as a iPhone game? It holds up pretty well as a stand-alone action role-playing game too, according to Nexon America. The company announced this week that its side- scrolling action role playing game, MapleStory: Thief Edition, has made it to the top of the App Store game charts. The MapleStory MMO has more than 95 million registered users worldwide with more than seven million users in North America alone.

Priced at $4.99, the game hit the Apple App Story mid-August and made it to the number one position in the Role Playing game category. MapleStory: Thief Edition was also one of the more popular and highest grossing games overall during the same time period.

To get your hands on the game, check out iTunes.

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08/21/2010 Choice of RomanceChoice of Romance So what's your stance on TWU wuv ? Does it make you sigh and set your little heart to pitty-patting, or are you currently walled off in your cootie-free-fort to ride out the epidemic? Regardless, there's more than just a pretty face to this latest text RPG adventure from Choice of Games. As the eldest son or daughter of a declining noble family, you are sent to Court for a Season to see and be seen. Will you find a suitable match? Wind up alone? Or become embroiled in dangerous political intrigue? The choice, as they say, is yours.Tagged as: browser, choiceofgames, dhtml, fantasy, free, game, ifiction, macwinlinux, narrative, rating-o, rpg, text

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