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07/14/2010 38 Studios pondering move to Rhode Island

On precipice of debut game's world premiere, Massachusetts-based developer considering relocation to the Ocean State for a possible $75 million in loan guarantees.

In 2006, Red Sox pitcher and noted EverQuest fan Curt Schilling established his own development studio, Green Monster Games. That operation has yet to officially reveal its first game, but it has already changed names to 38 Studios and could soon change states as well.

To date, all 38 Studios has shown in games is a handful of concept art for Copernicus.

Boston Globe today is reporting that Schilling's outfit has a meeting with the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation later this week. The studio is reportedly seeking $75 million in loan guarantees from a pool of $125 million in guarantees the state set aside for high-tech companies last month.

While Massachusetts doesn't offer tax breaks or other incentives directed specifically at game companies, a representative for the state's secretary of housing and economic development told the paper there were other options. For example, the state has programs that provide benefits like tax credits to companies that commit to adding permanent positions to the payrolls.

38 Studios currently has two main locations, with two separate projects in development, codenamed Copernicus and Mercury, the latter of which is set to make its world premiere next week. The studio has a July 22 panel to unveil the role-playing game at the San Diego Comic-Con, with Schilling joined by lead designer Ken Rolston, Spawn creator and 38 Studios executive art director Todd McFarlane, and fantasy author R. A. Salvatore, who hold the position of 38 Studios' "executive creator of worlds."

A representative of 38 Studios declined to comment on the matter for GameSpot.

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07/17/2010 Trailer shows off Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light ... cardio
Here's the first trailer for Square Enix's Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light, which appears to be some type of footracing game, in which four challengers jog across a vast landscape in a never-ending battle to see who can lose the most weight and become the lightest hero of all.

Wait, what? It's a throwback RPG for the DS, and this trailer shows off the game's exploration? Ah, that makes more sense. Plus, it explains why the new screenshots below show off heroes' levels and stats on the top screen. Wait, unless HP and AP actually mean hamstring points and ab power? We're so confused.

Gallery: Final Fantasy: Heroes of 4 Light (Study World)

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07/14/2010 Metareview: Dragon Quest IX
With the release of Dragon Quest IX for the DS, Nintendo and Square Enix are trying to re-convert the American players in Dragon Quest fanatics -- or at least sell some games. While we wait to see how the public responds to the multiplayer-enabled RPG, we decided to check in with reviews of the game other than our own. (We already know how that one went.)
  • 1UP (A): "... The move to DS was a strategic trade-off, and a canny one at that; DQIX sacrifices visual splendor in favor of more subtle technological benefits. In unchaining the series from the television, its creators freed themselves to design the open-ended, player-driven experience the series has always aspired to be."
  • Nintendo Power (9 / 10 ): "The idea of adding multiplayer features to a story-driven, turn-based RPG originally struck me as insane, but Dragon Quest IX has made me a believer."
  • GamePro (4/5): "Dragon Quest's appeal lies in its sense of warm, welcoming familiarity. It's refreshingly free of the pretension and overwrought cinematics of much of the current JRPG crop, instead presenting a lighthearted, charming adventure romp akin to what made the original Chrono Trigger such a beloved classic."
  • Game Informer (8 / 10 ): "It's the first in the franchise to debut on a handheld, and it changes the classic formula in some significant ways. In many cases, these changes push the genre in interesting directions, but they never go far enough. The end result is an enjoyable Japanese RPG with mere hints of greatness."

Gallery: Dragon Quest IX (E3 2010)

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07/17/2010 Cyanide Creating A [Video] Game Of Thrones RTS, RPG Based On Fantasy Series

Independent studio Cyanide and publisher Focus Home Interactive are developing a real-time strategy game and a roleplaying game based on A Song of Ice and Fire, the ongoing series of fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin. A joint press release only included details on A Game of Thrones: Genesis, the strategy game, but an unnamed roleplaying game is also briefly mentioned on Cyanide's official site, suggesting that the RTS may be the first of the ...

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07/28/2010 'Medal of Honor' Soundtrack Only The Beginning For Linkin Park And EA Linkin Park embarked on an iPhone game earlier this year, and now they re "officially move to become part of one from 2010 'largest EA releases. The Group will present music for the new" Medal of Honor "trailer with the instructions their DJ Joe Hahn on August 1. sounds from their new [...]

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07/28/2010 King of pop-inspired Enemy must be replaced in a previous, future versions of Plants vs Zombies One of the most recognizable opponents in PopCap 's Plants vs Zombies was sent to the grave, on a permanent basis.

PopCap tells MTV Multiplayer the Michael Jackson lookalike in the popular casual title has been removed from the iPhone version due to objections from the late singer's estate.

\\ "Dance Zombie" was originally modeled King of Pop 's famous landmark found in the classical music video 1983 "Thriller." After the upgrade, now puts on a detachment of the enemy general disco-themed costume. PopCap told MTV character to replace ...

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07/28/2010 Capcom: 3DS is the perfect fit for Street Fighter IV

Capcom: 3DS is the perfect fit for Street Fighter IV screenshot

While Capcom surprised the world by bringing Street Fighter IV to the iPhone, it never made its way to other gaming devices. You know, those with buttons and stuff. Why? Because series Yoshinori Ono says Sony's and Nintendo's handhelds couldn't have run the game "at the level [Capcom] wanted."

Super Street Fighter IV."

It's already looking great, too; Super Street Fighter IV for the 3DS is scheduled to ship next year.

'PSP' can't handled Super Street Fighter IV' - Capcom [CVG]

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07/09/2010 China Cracks Down On Sex In Online Game Advertisements [Mmorpg]
Click here to read China Cracks Down On Sex In Online Game Advertisements
Sex sells. But in China, that doesn't make it okay. More ?

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07/09/2010 A game you can play with your eyes closed Apple's App Store is no stranger to music games, but the latest download for iPhone and iPod Touch is the first that doesn't require sight whatsoever.

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07/16/2010 Friday game: MinMe The Friday Game: MinMe

Format: iPhone/iPod Touch
Developer: Chaim Gingold
Direct App Store link

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[[[Chessex Role Playing Play Mat: Megamat Double-Sided Reversible Mat for RPGs and Miniature Figure Games (34in x 48in)]]]

Description: Chessex Megamat 1 (25 mm) Square and Hex reversible, mats are made of vinyl expanded to bring you the highest quality mat currently. Megamat measures 48in (122cm) x 34in (87cm)

More review soon.

Great erasable map for running campaigns, however, some of the markers leave residual marks no matter what you do. Not exactly totally erasable, but do-able. Still does the job though. No problems with seller.

Highly recommended product, and much much more versatile and capable than using tiles.

This large table covering map, is perfect for dungeons, fields of battle, and anything else you need. I am very pleased with the easily marked and cleaned roleplaying mat.

Buy Here (for discount) Chessex Role Playing Play Mat: Megamat Double-Sided Reversible Mat for RPGs and Miniature Figure Games (34in x 48in)

07/23/2010 The Friday Game: Xenome - Episode OneThe Friday Game: Xenome - Episode One

Format: iPhone
Developer: Nine Pound Studios

Direct App Store link

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07/24/2010 Breaking Benjamin, Weezer and more added to Guitar Hero iPhone store
"Hello, Apple Customer Support, this is Janice speaking. How may I help you?"

"Does my iPhone replacement plan cover ... um, if I accidentally jammed my thumbs through my screen?"

"If you jam your -- sir, I have to ask ... were you attempting to play 'My Name is Jonas' on Expert on the Guitar Hero App?"

"How on Earth did you know?"

"Sir, you're the twentieth person to call with that issue today. Oh, and the answer to your question is Of course, not ."

Click past the jump to see all the tracks from Breaking Benjamin, Coldplay, Rise Against and Weezer which were recently added to the Music Store on Guitar Hero for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Also, be gentle with those thumbs, okay?

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07/20/2010 UK police: Love It, Fix it

Police in Burnley and Pendle, England apparently have to emphasize that one should lock one's doors and windows before going out, lest some sneaky burglar take all of your most expensive worldly possessions. What might thieves who happen upon a door handle that turns or a window left agape because a resident was in a big hurry to rush off the pub? According to police, iPhones, PS3s, Sony camcorders, Toshiba laptops, and Samsung LCD TVs are some of the items thieves will steal. No doubt jewelry, loose cash and other valuables would be easing pickings.

Police are slightly frustrated because residents in both towns make it easy for burglars to steal by not securing their property properly before going out. Insp. Mark Baines said that 60 percent of the burglaries reported to the police are committed because people have left doors and windows open. Read More


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07/16/2010 The Friday Game: MinMe The Friday Game: MinMe

Format: iPhone/iPod Touch
Developer: Chaim Gingold
Direct App Store link

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07/17/2010 Review: Archetype

Review: Archetype screenshot

The iPhone is not the place you'd expect to find a hardcore online first-person-shooter, but damn if a number of developers haven't tried their best. N.O.V.A and Eliminate Pro have done their best to provide FPS fans something to play on their touch screens, and now a new challenger has appeared -- Archetype

At a straight $2.99,Sample is considerably cheaper than N.O.V.A and doesn't lure players in with the sneaky "freemium" tactics of Eliminate. The question, of course, is whether or not Archetype is worth even the $2.99. That's what the review's for, so read on for the full shake! 

Archetype (iPhone)
Developer: SIA "Villain
Publisher: Villain LLC
Released: July 06, 2010
Retail Price:

No "story" in Archetype is told in a several second cut-scene, the only information being that there was an invasion of some kind and humanity is fighting against it. Why there's even a hint of a story, I do not know, as it's not actually made apparent in the game itself. The game consists of two teams of blue and yellow soldiers shooting each other. No evidence of an invasion. No hint of a plot.

To say Sample 's options are limited is to put it mildly. If you don't enjoy Team Deathmatch, then you're out of luck because that's essentially all you have to play. Two teams of five do battle in a range of particularly small maps, using six types of particularly generic weapons including your standard assault rifle, shotgun, missile launcher and sniper. There are also grenades, which get spammed with regularity, and a somewhat useless melee attack. 

On the surface, Archetype reminds one of Quake, from the look, to the gameplay, to the giant axe you can pick up for melee kills. As far as FPS titles on the iPhone go, a good job's been done of streamlining the controls. Firing, for example, is a simple case of aiming the reticule of an enemy and letting the game do the rest. Of course, keeping the reticule on enemies as they run and gun is pretty difficult on a touchscreen, so it's a small blessing. It also has to be said that the game in no way feels as smooth and solid as N.O.V.A, still by far the most well-produced sci-fi FPS on the system. 

If the game's issues were limited solely to those concerning the choice of platform, then a lot could be forgiven, but the game has problems that are entirely its own fault and have nothing to do with the interface. For instance, respawns are terrible, often placing you right in front of a cluster of enemies. This is often thanks to the small, unimaginative maps. The game can also get a bit glitchy, with characters freezing or jerking around. It doesn't even look as good as its competitors, with graphics that feel distinctly early nineties. The lack of decent music and repetitive, low grade sound effects don't help either. 


Despite these positives, Archetype is let down by its bland design and no-frills approach to gameplay, not to mention the aforementioned design guffs. What could have been (and looked to be) an action-packed, AAA iPhone shooter is, unfortunately, a gloomy and dreary affair, as mediocre as the most vanilla console FPS and about ten times less convenient to play.

There are far better shooters on iTunes than this, at the end of the day. They may be more expensive, and they may have dodgy business models, but they're simply better. 

Account : 5.0 -- Mediocre (5s are an exercise in apathy, neither Solid nor Liquid. Not exactly bad, but not very good either. Just a bit "meh," really.)

Photo Photo

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07/14/2010 Developing: iPhone Goldrush overstated Develop: iPhone Goldrush Is Overstated

GodFinger developer Wonderland says iPhone market is not unique - marketing and PR is crucial to success.

Speaking during a Develop panel discussion about trends in iPhone gaming, Wonderland co-founderMatthew Wiggins, downplayed the notion that the App Store is totally different to any other in the game industry.

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07/14/2010 The changing nature of the gaming interface [Interface]
Click here to read The Changing Nature of Gaming Interfaces
The other day I was having coffee with friends who brought their 2 1 / 2 year old son over to visit. More

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07/09/2010 GDC Europe Adds Kinect, BioWare, iPhone talks as early termination approaches

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