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05/29/2010 New Xenoblade video, now with more God on God's Violence

I got seriously dissed by Dtoider Nothankyou In the last post I made about Xenoblade . He scooped me on these two videos, which are undoubtedly more interesting than a series of commercials in the game I just posted. You win this round, Nothankyou. I'm delighted with your videogame news scooping skills.

If you want to see 2, which will soon be dead gods that Colette was frightened for this week 's Bit transfer , Check the video above. Past the jump, you LL 'to find the VID, which shows how the dead with those of God', and as the game 'characters to run on their bodies, as the homeless fleas .

Despite the fact that the game in the 80 hour RPG on the home console is almost impossible in my current home, I LL 'will continue to buy this game if, before-and-when it hits the States. How about you? Sold for Xenoblade more?

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05/27/2010 Heroes of the Final Fantasy world struggles with DS

Square Enix has announced new "back to basics" The final game for the Nintendo Fantasy 's Pocket PC, due October 5.

The all-new Final Fantasy game comes out this fall, Square Enix announced today. Final Fantasy: Heroes of the four light will be a series of "back to basics," in accordance with a Japanese publisher and will arrive at the North American Nintendo DS this October 5, with a European launch window set for the fall.

\\ "Well, personally, I want to kill the dragon."

Four player co-op had been promised in the title, which will be a turn-based role-playing game. This is the best in its class system similar to Final Fantasy X-2, with the players an opportunity to change your character 's class, changing its hat they' re wearing, Square Enix said.

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\\ "Final Fantasy Heroes light fights DS \\ "Was posted on Alex Sassoon Coby on Thurs, May 27, 2010 7:53:38 -0700

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05/27/2010 Natsume publication Lufia: The Curse of Sinistrals in North America
Square Enix 's DS remake of Lufia II is headed in the States with an unexpected publisher - which we understand it 's not Square Enix. Natsume, who surprised us, picking up Sony ' African , Announced plans to release the game now called Lufia: The Curse of Sinistrals in North America this fall.

It 's good news for players in more than one way - was published by the square of the game, it would have had the usual $ 39.99 price to put on the area of games DS, while Natsume only charging $ 30.

Curse Sinistrals Takes the original game, turn-based SNES, about Monster Hunter Maxim and his quest to win 4 "Sinistrals", before they destroy the world, and how recasts action RPG, with a combo system and the ability to switch characters mid-combo.

Gallery: Lufia: Curse Of The Sinistrals (DS)

JoystiqNatsume publication Lufia: The Curse of Sinistrals in North America originally appeared on Joystiq Wed 26 May 2010 20:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds .

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05/29/2010 Pokemon multiplication by Wii, DS

Nintendo announces Pokemon Black and White will join portable library in the spring of next year, while PokePark Wii: Pikachu 's Adventures hits European Wii consoles on July 9.

t Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver haven 'even fell out of NPD Group top 10-month timetable for selling yet, but Nintendo has already lined up their successors. The company announced that Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon white version to arrive on the Nintendo DS in North America and Europe in the spring of 2011. Furthermore, the European Poke maniacs want to wait so long will tide themselves over with PokePark Wii: Pikachu 's Adventures starting July 9.

Catch all you want. They LL 'to do more.

For more information about Pikachu 's Adventures, check GameSpot' s Import Friendly coverage of Japanese version of the game, starting with 7:48 mark of the video below.

[Watch video]

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05/29/2010 Metareview: Alpha Protocol
While we may have found Alpha Protocol will be "technical nightmare \\ "He doesn 't mean that we should all just close the book on it. No, other outlets, probably felt Obsidian Entertainment' S" Espionage RPG ", and we 'd be remiss if we did not And' t bring them into the discussion. Let s 'to get at him!
  • CVG ( 8.4/10 ): "Alpha
  • Eurogamer ( 7 / 10
  • Videogamer ( 6 / 10
  • Destructoid ( 2 / 10 ): " Alpha Protocol His thin credit, has its basis in the noble and courageous ideas and those ideas, even well executed in general. However, despite ambitious things in the eyebrow, bog standard game suffered beyond measure. You can build the most magnificent castle in the world, but if the foundation is made of wet feces, all 'is going to crumble and fall apart before our eyes. Alpha Protocol This castle, 's collapse in the shit. Proof that even the most perfect vision are worthless if the basis Aren 't on the spot. "

Gallery: Alpha Protocol

JoystiqMetareview: Alpha Protocol originally appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 28 May 2010 14:28:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds .

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05/27/2010 Tom Clancy 's HAWX 2: First Look

Take to the skies once again in the following Ubisoft 's air combat game.

HAWX 2 's entire single player campaign can be played in co-op.

Dog fighting is up close and personal.

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\\ "Tom Clancy 's HAWX 2: First Look \\ "Was posted on Giancarlo Varanini at Wed, 26 May 2010 9:00:04 -0700

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05/28/2010 Prince of Persia iPhone Retro Hits, iPad $ 1 Just today 's release of Prince of Persia movie theater, publisher Ubisoft has updated Jordan Mechner' s original action adventure, and released the iPhone, IPod Touch and iPad version through ITunes .

Dubbed "Prince of Persia" Retro "," 55,3 MB download and costs 99 and "designed for iPhone and iPad,", which means that the game will automatically detect which device he 's works, and change your control layout / graphics on the screen, respectively.

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05/29/2010 Prince of Persia: Retro is now at the App Store, only the dollar

Prince of Persia Retro now on App Store, only a buck screenshot

I love me Prince of Persia Old and new. Thus, you can 't imagine how pleased I have found that the classical Jordan Mechner hit the App Store for iPhone and iPad. The best part? It 's only 99.

The game is called Prince of Persia: Retro And 's designed for both iPad and IPod Touch / iPhone. This means that the game will be scaled automatically, and adjust the images and location on the control screen automatically.

In a little less than a dollar, I immediately bought the game on my iPad. Experience / details after the jump.

Prince Perisa iPhone Retro Hits, iPad $ 1 [Shacknews]

But then again, I must say it 's only 99? For the classic, even the port, I feel like I 've got my money' worth.

Photo Photo

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05/28/2010 Star Wars: The Old Republic Exclusive Preview - Sith Warrior depth

Get some depth on the mighty Intel Sith Warrior profession in this long-awaited online game.

The Old Republic is BioWare and LucasArts mass 'multiplayer game, which takes place in pre- New Hope Universe Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. We 've already shown all of the game' s classes and cover many of the basics of the game that a developer BioWare ambitious plans to pour all the in-depth stories, intriguing characters, and the moral choice of traditional single-player role-playing game.

[Watch video]

Watch new aspects of the powerful Sith Warrior in action.

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Against this background, the Sith laughs at your pathetic attempts to harm him.

In addition to the two promising career choices or "laugh your enemies '\\' pathetic attack" or "cut to pieces then Return of the Jedi ) With a dark past.

Sith Marauder. Kills rebel scum dead.

Learning more about how to best professions and satellites available to the class of Sith Warrior, we once again "really looking forward to more updates on how the game 's other professions will differentiate themselves as they become more powerful. GameSpot what are you waiting for updates on the game very soon, as we approach this year 's Electronic Entertainment Expo in June.

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\\ "Star Wars: The Old Republic Exclusive Preview - Sith Warrior Advanced \\ "Was posted on Andrew Park on Thurs 27 May 2010 15:55:54 -0700

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05/28/2010 Aurora Feint announces new SDK OpenFeint, Promises Cooperation Game Center

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05/28/2010 Splinter Cell: Conviction is now on the iPhone
Is not it enough for you to be sneaky Splinter Cell: Conviction ? You want the ability to be sneaky about play it? Gameloft has just released an iPhone version of the game action stealth, so that you could play Splinter Cell all day with people around you think that you 're just text messages lot.

Conviction iPhone attempts to achieve substantially the same visual style games, and handheld platforms, with a similar term in the third person, cover, and even Sam 's mark and do-ability. By TouchArcade with a review ', problems with management and AI keep it from quite achieve that goal - you can see the guard AI in (in) action in the trailer after the break.

Splinter Cell: "Sentence" ($ 9.99): Splinter Cell Conviction?

Continue reading Splinter Cell: Conviction is now on the iPhone

JoystiqSplinter Cell: Conviction is now on the iPhone originally appeared on Joystiq Thurs 27 May 2010 16:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds .

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04/08/2010 The Korean company Emergent MMO Licenses Technology for MMORPG

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05/26/2010 Guide role playing game [Infographic]
Click here to read A Visual Guide To The Role-Playing Game
If you need a quick primer on who 's who and what' that the genre of role-playing games, or just want something pretty to hang on the refrigerator, here 's Kotaku Feature Guide Role-Playing Games. More

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05/26/2010 Xenoblade ads are packed with epic RPG Wii-Ness

We have just completed recording the latest episode of transmission Bit And also to show, there were more than a few strange moments. I was particularly shocked by Colette Bennett 's true joy of the upcoming Wii RPG Xenoblade . Collette loves her and her PS3 HD and Blu-ray, and it also has a history of genuine feelings of pain when forced to squint at the crappy uneven past. For the game, as Xenoblade to get her excited, it must be very special.

I think that the soundtrack, put together several well-known Japanese composer game, partially to blame for her giddyness. The fact that the game is about beautiful people of the laser sword fight with giant robots, and in an environment with the colonization of the bodies of two gigantic dead gods, probably does not 't hurt either.

Personally, I 'm most excited about the game' s combat system, and Monster Hunter Esk trend for the game 's characters to beat the crap out of huge, ridiculous dinosaur things without any remorse. The game is set for release in Japan in June, but there is currently no release date for other territories. What do you think? Want to pick up Xenoblade if she goes out of Japan?

Xenoblade-60-second commercial - [] Gonintendo

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05/26/2010 Front Mission Evolved shoots on Sept. 14 Release
Spring It appeared to fall Front Mission Evolved Like Square Enix has announced game will start on September 14. The last entry has SRPG franchise in a new direction: Third-person shooter. Double Helix, from Silent Hill: Homecoming Thank develops. Square Enix also announced that the PC version will be playable in stereoscopic 3D, which effectively swaps the depth of the game from the strategy games on visual depth.

It 's great we finally have a firm release date, Square Enix, but you should probably' ve checked the calendar before deciding on Sept. 14 . Just say!

JoystiqFront Mission Evolved shoots on Sept. 14 Release originally appeared on Joystiq on Tues 25 May 2010 16:45:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds .

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05/26/2010 UTV True Games announces the first proprietary MMORPG

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