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04/29/2010 Gameloft First Quarter Sales by 7% Gameloft First Quarter Sales Up 7%

French mobile publisher and developer Gameloft announced first quarter sales growth of 7 percent.

Sales hit 33 million (28.8m / $ 43.6m) during the first 3 months of 2010, compared with 30.8 million dollars (26.9m / $ 40.7m) a year earlier.

Europe accounts for 37 percent of the company 's sales, North America, 34 percent, and the rest of the world at 29 percent.


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04/28/2010 Madden NFL 11 trailers to go faster, deeper Help explain Madden NFL 11 'S "simpler, faster, deeper," philosophy, publisher EA Sports has released a couple of trailers to discuss changes to this year' s entry: [video] 18396 [/ video] Shackvideo users You can use the HD Stream .

Created by veterans of the franchise EA Tiburon, Madden NFL 11 will be released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP and iPhone came on Aug. 10, 2010.

The second trailer, which goes on for easier and faster , Should be as follows: [Video] 18394 [/ Video] Shackvideo users You can use the HD Stream .

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04/30/2010 Apple App rejects iClubSeal, PETA applauds

because it contains the "unwanted content." Smith was informed of the decision on Tuesday in an e-mail from Apple (check out this YouTube video to get an idea of the game in action).

Matt Smith can 't understand why Apple rejected iSealClub: More


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04/30/2010 Mikado defenders Micro-Review: Sold for iPhone, Made For iPad [Review]
Click here to read Mikado Defenders Micro-Review: Sold For The iPhone, Made For The iPad
There are games that are best viewed at larger size than the phone. Mikado defenders, Taito 's beautiful, but thorny IPod Touch and iPhone game Tower Defense is one of them. Gamers play the best of this magnitude place of beauty, mate. More

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04/30/2010 Puzzle Agent First Look

Telltale Games Telltale announced its experimental program, as well as new puzzles, set out on PC and WiiWare.

People Aren 't friendly to Scoggins.

Your progress will be monitored.

Puzzle agent will be available in June this year on WiiWare, PC, as well as the iPhone and iPad. Advance orders will be available so stay tuned to GameSpot for more information as Telltale will make an announcement next Tuesday.

Read and write comments | Get the full article at GameSpot

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04/29/2010 Google acquires social LabPixies App Developers

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04/29/2010 Humor Does Apple Hate?

Steve Jobs may hate laughter. That is the conclusion can be drawn from the company 's continued censorship of a satirical applications for the iPhone. Wired watching this trend for quite some time and it is connected with the uncertainty in section 3.3.17 iPhone Developer Program License Agreement. It reads:

Applications may be rejected if they contain content or material of any kind (text, graphics, images, photographs, sounds, etc.) in apples reasonable solutions can be found objectionable, such as materials that could be considered obscene, pornographic, or insult.

Latest iPhone application should be rejected, ridiculed Tiger Woods, who seemed to be an acceptable goal. The application was created by an editorial cartoonist Daryl Cagle, who works for MSNBC. Apple said that Cagle application contained content that "ridicules public figures, and in violation of Section 03.03.1917 of the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement." More


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04/28/2010 SyFy making Red Faction film co-production games

Two-hour TV movie could be a pilot for the full series; future payments in the game franchise will be developed in cooperation with the broadcaster 'hand with the game.

In February, publisher THQ and cable channels SyFy said that the deal will see the latest developments show based on the former 's hit platformer de Blob . Today Broadcasting & Cable reports that the science-fiction-oriented network is currently developing a television movie based on another property THQ: Red Faction.

Red Faction: The Movie is in development at SyFy network.

According to the trade, 2:00 Red Faction The film will be the potential series pilot based on the franchise, which was itself based on the film Recall . A similar agreement saw the remake of the 2003 television series based on the 1970 show Battlestar Galactica will turn into a full - and rewards - a series which ran from 2004 to 2009 .

\\ "This is the kind of content that fits our genre," senior vice president SyFy Ventures said Alan Seiffert B and C . "This is excellent for a large movie Syfy Saturday and if it really works, it's a great backdoor pilot."

Transactions in both directions, with future games Red Faction time co-production of labels SyFy games. According to the latest financial report THQ, Red Faction 4 has been moved to the profit for the publisher 's current fiscal year , Which ends March 31, 2011. General Director Brian Farrell said the release of the game 'were nominated to benefit from the popularity of in the critically acclaimed Red Faction: Guerrilla and promised to "safe Games" and increasing environmental destruction.

The network has also signed an agreement with THQ to develop DS, iPhone and iPad game based on the upcoming reality show Academy Ghost Hunters . The exhibition will be a spin-off of the current series of SyFy Ghost Hunters , Followed by two paranormal detectives tried to take the evidence of supernatural activity.

\\ "The Spirit Hunters and Red Faction are vivid examples of how we are absolutely committed to [the game], and it will be more than just taking the name, it will actually be part of the overall experience," Seiffert said.

Read and write comments | Get the full article at GameSpot

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04/29/2010 The Daily Hotness: Steel

The Daily Hotness: Fullmetal screenshot

I 'm turning heat into a small office Japanator today just so I can tell you all how wonderful Fullmetal Alchemist: The Fellowship there. Each episode was a thrill ride and 's just my second favorite anime all the time. You can catch episodes on Funimation, YouTube and Hulu.

Seth Killian guest on Bit transmission, we examined 2010 FIFA World Cup , Win Alpha Protocol IPod Touch , Black Wii is, and will not happen on 04/28/10.

Destructoid originals:
Bit Transmission 6 episodes from Capcom 's Seth Killian


Community Blogs 04/28/10
Forum of the day: Your random album cover

2010 FIFA World Cup

Win special Alpha Protocol IPod Touch!
BioShock 2 'DLC Rapture Metro' gets a trailer

Olivia Munn hosting with Capcom 'Lost Planet 2 charity event


Boy Scouts can now receive awards for video
Just Cause 2 in the sale today at Amazon
STALKER: Call of Pripyat get 'Complete' fashion
Final Fantasy V and VI is "technical issues," on DS
Free copy of the prototype with the purchase of Singularity
Tim Schafer to invade Europe, said Development
Jaffe won 't be on the "E3, and will not be his main secret game
Artist provides the soundtrack to Mona Moore Kane and Lynch 2
Rumor: Red Steel confirmed three magnetic, sensor uses Vitality
Estimated is GO! Minutes Agarest war begins
The passage between them and the gravity appropriate to DSiWare
Analyst: Infinity Ward to "basically shut down '
Hydrophobia on the PS3 and PC in the end
Show Bejeweled love and win: iPad, a laptop and much more
Street Fighter IV iPhone at a discount, and vote for the future of DLC
Two unnamed Tom Clancy game in works
GameTrailers TV to tease the next Call Of Duty Games
Junpei ball cap portable Persona 3 bonus pre-order
K-Mart: Bayonetta, final XIII Fantasy, AVP for $ 29.99
U.S. black kit Wii GameStop shown a poster
Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition hits XBLA on May 5
Fatshark continued to adjust lead and gold PC
Last Party '\\' of playing the game room a hit with delay
Serious Sam HD: The second meeting of impressions PC
Microsoft wants to invade Natal all aspects of life
Real men can expect to RayStorm HD next week

So, Super Mario crossover pretty fabulous
Some sweet Super Street Fighter IV covers musical

Based on that video, we shouldn 't write off "Toy Story 3
Check out the first 2 Madden NFL 1911 Developer Diaries
Skate 3 co-op reminds us that skating is all about
Vanquish gets a lot of pretty awesome screenshots
Here 's enhanced version of the game Halo: Reach trailer
OMG EVEN More SONIC 4 screens!? We are!
Best Buy 's Halo: Reach reservation bonus includes Free Live

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